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Rod Maloy Wins WW IV at Stateline
By Glenn Slocum

Mother Nature did cooperate and Stateline Speedway was able to complete their first scheduled event for the 2002-racing season. Rod Maloy mastered a fast speedway to win WW IV over a 32-car field. Al Cressley won the first ever E-Mod feature. Greg Johnson and Louie DeDionisio won the Outlaw Cadet events. Pat McGuire won the Limited Late event over Bobby Rohrer and Bob Vogt. Randy Parmenter started 2002 where he left off in 2001 by winning the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Dana Wellington and Steve Hulings were the Spectator winners.

        Bob Close led thirty-two Super Late Models to the line for their WW IV event. The first twenty laps were run with all the competitors but only the top three raced the final five. Lap one was marred by a spin by Chris Hackett collecting a number of racecars. Dave Lyon was towed to the pits and the race was realigned with one lap down. Dan Armbruster passed Close on lap three and was almost immediately in lap traffic. A lap seven caution because of a stalled Chad Valone brought out the second caution of the event. Armbruster was leading with John Lobb second and Rod Maloy third at this restart. A major crash on the backstretch collected Chad Ruhlman, Ron Olson, Moose Dunnewold, Chris Hackett, Scott Johnson, Dave Shagla, Mike Muncee, Wally Fox and Chad Valone. Valone was severely damaged, as was the 87R of Chad Ruhlman. Rod Maloy lead on the restart but John Lobb passed on the next lap and the two swapped the lead twice in the next two laps. Kelly Frederes lost a drive shaft on lap twelve. Lobb was placed on the point followed by Maloy and Armbruster. Miles Stiizinger, John Lacki, Rich Gardner and Chevy Scott tangled on the restart and the yellow appeared before a lap could be counted. Rod Maloy passed for the lead on the restart as Lobb fell to second. Maloy was able to run away from the pack at this point and Armbruster could not catch Lobb. Armbruster went wide in turn four on the nineteenth lap allowing Scott Gurdak by. The race was stopped and Maloy, Lobb and Gurdak were lined up for the final five laps of the event. Maloy went right to the bottom of the speedway on the restart and Lobb and Gurdak were unable to get by giving the win to 2001 Champion Rod Maloy with John Lobb second and Scott Gurdak third.

Seventeen Limited Late Models with Pat McGuire and Al Cressley on the front row took Spanky Halls green flag for the final event of the night. Pat McGuire led the first three laps till Gwen Sayers stopped. Two laps later the caution flew for debris on speedway as McGuire maintained the lead with Bob Vogt second and Bobby Rohrer third. Chris Sutton spun on lap seven and the caution was displayed once more. Rohrer moved by Vogt for second on lap eight and one lap later Chad Ramsey spun collecting Todd Church and John Cline. Cline left the speedway with a left front flat as the race was restarted. McGuire gained a ten-car length advantage in the next few laps as Vogt continued to try and get under Rohrer for third. The final yellow to retire the majority of the field allowing Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer and Bob Vogt to finish the race. Pat McGuire was able to remain in front and win the final event of the evening. Bobby Rohrer was second with Bob Vogt third.

The first Spectator feature number one was won by Dana Wellington with Rick Sperry second and Ray Houser third. Steve Huling one the second Spectator feature with Paul Norman second and Dave Auge third.

Mark Hall and Greg Johnson led the first five laps of Cadet feature one until a spin by John Pencille brought out the first caution. Hall remained the leader on the single file restart but spun leaving turn two allowing Johnson to lead for the first time. Johnson led the rest of the laps with Andy Knight second and John Pencille third.

Randy Parmenter was the car to beat in the Budweiser Super Sportsman main event as he led to the ten-lap mark when all but the top three were ushered from the speedway for the WW IV three-lap dash for the win. Parmenter, Scott Robinson and Mike Kosinski remained for the completion of the event. Parmenter led the next two. Robinson spun with one to go. Parmenter beat Kosinski at the restart and won the feature event.

Louie DeDionisio dominated the first ten laps of the second Cadet feature. Terry Daniels spun on lap ten for the first and only yellow of the race. Jeff VanArsdale was second and Chris Blose third on the restart. DeDionisio led the remaining laps with Jeff Van Arsdale second and Shane Jones third.

The third place finishers Rick Isadore, Chris Hackett, Bryan Emory, and Rich Gardner from the Super Late Model heats reported to the speedway for the American Racer Dash. Isadore led the entire dash with Bryan Emory second, Chris Hackett third and Rich Gardner fourth.

Spectator feature number two was brought to the line by Steve Keith and Bob Frisbee. Keith and Frisbee quickly moved away from the rest of field but tangled on lap four allowing Steve Hulings into the lead. Frisbee got into Keith on the ninth lap spinning Keith and earning a disqualification. Paul Norman finished second with David Auge third.

Twenty-one E-Mods reported to the speedway for the inaugural E-Mod feature event. Al Cressley spun on lap one causing the first caution and a complete restart of the event. Dale Applebee, Shane Applebee and Randy Hall led the first completed lap but the smoking car of Mike Peroski slowed causing the second caution of the event. Dale Applebee lost the handle collecting Shane Applebee on lap three allowing Randy Hall into the lead. Dale Applebee recovered quick enough to maintain the second position but had to go to the pits moving Justin Carlson to second and Gerry Schimp to third. Hall won the restart but Shane Applebee spun causing the fourth caution in as many laps. Ryan Snow and Joe Watson tangled on the fourth restart causing the fifth caution. Al Cressley passed Hall on the restart and led until a lap ten spin by Chris Peterson. This ended the event for all but the top three, Al Cressley, Randy Hall and Justin Carlson. The final restart and last three laps say no change as Cressley won with Hall second and Carlson third.


Heat 1: Joe Houser, Dana Wellington, Kevin Bremett
Heat 2: Steve Keith, Bob Frisbee, Bill Baker Jr.

Feature 1: Dana Wellington, Rick Sperry, Ray Houser, Joe Houser, Scott Kemmery

Feature 2: Steve Huling, Paul Norman, Dave Auge, Chet Sheets, Brian Crandall

Heat 1: Dale Applebee, Randy Hall, Mike Hess
Heat 2: Shane Applebee, Justin Carlson, Ken Drake
Heat 3: Mike Peroski, Gerry Schimp, Keith Bidwell

Feature: Al Cressley, Randy Hall, Justin Carlson, Mike Samuelson, Jim Myers, Kevin Decker, Mike Petoskey, Dale Applebee, Shane Applebee, Tink Mealy

Heat 1: Greg Johnson, Jeff VanArsdale, Charlie Robinson
Heat 2: Louie DeDionisio, Mark Hall, Chris Blose
Heat 3: John Pencille, Terry Daniels, Andy Knight

Feature 1: Greg Johnson, Andy Knight, John Pencille, Aaron Robinson, Pete Alspaugh, Phillip Knight, Rick Loomis, Dustin Eckman, Matt Lamphere, Mark Hall

Feature 2: Louie DeDionisio, Jeff VanArsdale, Shane Jones, Chris Blose, Terry Daniels, Jim Moon, Brian Fardink, Scott Kuscher, Joe Harvey, Bill Dunn

Limited Late Models:
Heat 1: Pat McGuire, Bob Vogt, Chad Ramsey, John Cline
Heat 2: Al Cressley, Todd Church, Andy Sweetland, Ron Seeley
Heat 3: Mike Moore, Bobby Rohrer, Paul Briggs, Gary McDowell

Feature: Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Bob Vogt, Al Cressley, Todd Rice, Gwen Sayers, Chris Sutton, Chad Ramsey, Andy Sweetland, Gary McDowell

Budweiser Super Sportsmen:
Heat 1: JR Nocero, Mike Murray, Scott Bayle
Heat 2: Randy Parmenter, Mike Kosinski, Robert Nocero

Feature: Randy Parmenter, Mike Kosinski, Aaron Robinson, Don McGuire, Dave Cummings, Joe Buccola Jr., J. R. Nocero, Bob VanArsdale, Brent Crandall

Late Models:
Heat 1: Bob Close, Doug Eck, Rick Isadore, Scott Gurdak
Heat 2: John Lacki, Scott Johnson, Chris Hackett, Mark Boozel
Heat 3: Al Crocker, John Lobb, Bryan Emory, Dave Lyons
Heat 4: Dan Armbruster, Rod Maloy, Rich Gardner, Bob Craig

American Racer Dash : Rick Isadore, Bryan Emory, Chris Hackett, Rich Gardner

Feature: Rod Maloy, John Lobb, Scott Gurdak, Dan Armbruster, Doug Eck, Miles Stitzinger, John Lacki, Bryan Emory, Randy Lobb, Chris Blose