Stateline Speedway
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Rain Shortens the C. Cummings & Sons Event
at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Mother Nature ended the evening early at Stateline Speedway. A rain starting around 9:00 pm finally forced cancellation of the events at 9:40 pm. Steve Hulings won the Spectator feature, Jeff VanArsdale won the Outlaw Cadet event and Scott Bayle lead every lap of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. AL Cressley won the Challenge race between the Sportsman, Outlaw Cadet and E-Mod classes. The Super Late Model, Limited Late Model and E-Mod features were cancelled because of the rain.

        The challenge race between the Budweiser Sportsman, Outlaw Cadet and an E-Mod car was run by Al Cressley representing the E-Mods, Randy Parmenter in a Budweiser Super Sportsman and Greg Johnson in an Outlaw Cadet. Cressley won the race going away with Parmenter second and Johnson third. Bobby Rohrer in Limited Late Model challenged AL Cressley and won the challenge answering the question of who is the fastest on the one-third mile oval.

        Bill Baker Jr. claimed the number one spot in turn one during the Spectator feature event. Dana Wellington spun on the third lap bunching the field. Baker was in first with Brian Crandall second and Chet Sheets third. Joe Houser spun one lap later causing the second caution of the event. Dan Shellhouse spun on the fifth lap collecting Paul Norman and two other cars. Bill Baker Jr. led the next lap when Scott Kemmery spun in turn two. Brian Crandall passed for the lead at the start finish line one lap later and Scott Kemmery spun once again stopping the race on the seventh lap. Steve Hulings took advantage of a tangle between the leaders to take lead on lap nine. Kevin Bremett had moved into second and early leader Bill Baker Jr. was now in third. Hulings won the race with Chet Sheets second and Kevin Bremett third.

        Dave Shagla won the American Racer Challenge as Matt Lux and Bryan Emory spun on the last lap. Lux finished second with Emory third. Winner Shagla won an American Racer tire and moved his entire heat to the front of the Super Late Model feature.

        Twenty-two Outlaw Cadets took Spanky Halls green flag for the second feature event of the evening. Mark Hall led lap one. A tangle on lap two involving Terry Daniels, Jim Moon and Louie DiDenisio caused a slight delay as Moon’s car was towed from the speedway. Hall stumbled coming out of turn two on the restart and Bill Dunn Took command of the Race. Aaron Robinson was second with Dustin Eckman third. Jeff VanArsdale move into third at the halfway point and one lap later Andy Knight spun for the second caution of the event. Pete Alspaugh, Terry Daniels and Rick Loomis spun on the restart for the third yellow. Dunn was still in front with VanArsdale second and early race leader Mark Hall in third. VanArsdale moved by Dunn with five laps remaining. John Pencille moved into third with four laps to go. A spin with two laps remaining allowed the filed to close up behind VanArsdale. Pencille passed Dunn on the restart allowing Louie Definition to get by Dunn also. Jeff VanArsdale held on for the win while John Pencille finished second and Louie DeDionisio was third.

        The Budweiser Super Sportsman event was led to line by Scott Bayle. Bayle quickly moved to the front with Pat McGuire and Joe Buccola in tow. Bayle narrowly avoided a collision with the lap car of Chris Kuschel as a light rain was beginning to make the track slick. The rain continued to increase and race was ended with the yellow and checkers. Bayle won the rain marred event with J.R. Nocero second and Joe Buccola third.




Heat 1: Kevin Bremett, Joe Houser, Rick Sperry
Heat 2: Chet Sheets, Steve Keith, Bill Baker Jr.
Feature 1: Steve Hulings, Chet Sheets, Kevin Bremett, Victor Earle, Bill Baker Jr.


Heat 1: Dave Hess Jr., Kevin Decker, Justin Carlson
Heat 2: Al Cressley, Shane Applebee, Ken Drake
Feature: --Cancelled--


Heat 1: Louie DeDionisio, Aaron Robinson, Bill Dunn
Heat 2: John Pencille, Greg Johnson, Chris Blose
Feature 1: Jeff VanArsdale, John Pencille, Louie DeDionisio, Bill Dunn, Greg Johnson, Mark Hall, Chris Blose, Brian Fardink, Terry Daniels, Matt Lamphere

Limited Late Models:

Heat 1: Bobby Rohrer, Andy Sweetland, Chris Sutton, Steve Moynihan
Heat 2: Chad Ramsey, Pat McGuire, Ron Seeley, Bob Vogt
Feature: --Cancelled--

Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

Heat 1: Dave Cummings, Joe Buccola Jr., John Robinson
Heat 2: Don McGuire, Randy Parmenter, Mike Kosinski
Feature: Scott Bayle, J. R. Nocero, Robert Nocero, Pat McGuire, Don McGuire, Mike Kosinski, Randy Parmenter, Dave Cummings, Brent Crandall, Joe Buccola Jr.

Late Models:

Heat 1: Chris Hackett, Matt Urban, Matt Lux, Andy Boozel
Heat 2: John Lobb, Randy Lobb, Dave Shagla, Steve Halpainy
Heat 3: Rich Gardner, Rod Maloy, Bryan Emory, Dan Armbruster
Feature : --Cancelled--

Challenge : Al Cressley ( E-Mod ), Randy Parmenter ( Budweiser Super Sportsman), Greg Johnson ( Outlaw Cadet )