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Armbruster Wins Number 7 at Stateline on Onyx Waste Services Night

By Jay Pees

SL Feature Dan Armbruster.jpg (58034 bytes)Rich Gardner and Chris Hackett led the twenty-four Super Late Models to Spanky Hallís green flag with Gardner leading until a spin in turn four by Scott Gurdak negated the start.  Gardner again assumed the point with Matt Urban and Rod Maloy getting around Hackett to fight over second until caution was again shown for a spin in lap two by Chad Clement.  Gardner again led with Dan Armbruster coming to second one lap after green.  After another caution Gardner and Armbruster ran side by side for five laps with Armbruster taking over the top spot on lap nine.  Matt Urban then ran next to Gardner for five laps before taking over second.  After that is was Armbruster weaving through traffic on the way to win number seven of the 2002 season.  Urban wound up second with Gardner settling for third ahead of Dave Hess, Jr. and defending series Champion Rod Maloy.

LL Feature Al Cressley.jpg (52309 bytes)Nineteen Limited Late Models started their feature with Al Cressley on the pole and leading from the start with Pat McGuire second by the end of lap one.  Seven cars piled up in turn three on lap four, but all were able to continue except Steve Moynihan, who returned after a quick tire change.  At the end of seven laps McGuire was challenging for the lead on the outside.  Caution on lap nine again slowed the fight for the lead.  Cressley and McGuire ran side by side with McGuire taking the high line until lap fifteen when McGuire slid high in turn four.  That gave Cressley sole possession of the lead, which he never relinquished over the remaining five laps.   McGuire wound up second with Les Lyon third ahead of Bobby Rohrer and Chad Ramsey.

EM Feature Dale Applebee.jpg (59303 bytes)Fifteen E-Mods reported to the speedway for their feature event with Stu Rickard and James Irwin leading the way.  Mike Hess had problems on the pace lap and had to be towed from the speedway.  Irwin could not keep his mount running so was replaced at the front by Randy Parmenter.   Rickard powered away at the start with Mike Samuelson second.  After a caution period at lap three, Dale Applebee took over second with Dave Hess, Jr coming to third.  On lap seven Rickard spun out of the led on turn four, allowing Applebee to get by with Bill Thomas coming to second ahead of Hess, Jr.  Chris Peterson backed into the turn three wall with two laps remaining.  Applebee then went on to win number three of the year ahead of Thomas, Hess, Jr, Tim Rater, and Samuelson.

BS Feature Mike Kosinski.jpg (57528 bytes)Bob Hazzard launched out to a big lead early in the Sportsmen event with former class champion Mike Kosinski second by the time the caution was shown for a spin by John Robinson.  With green conditions again on the speedway, Hazzard and Kosinski fought over the lead until Kosinski got by on lap eight.  Mayhem ensued coming out of turn four on lap nine when Pat McGuire and Robert J Nocero came together with McGuire ending up on the wall and Bob VanArsdale jumping over Noceroís wheel, eliminating all three from the event.   One more caution slowed the event before Kosinski got the checkers for his fifth visit to Victory Lane.  Joe Buccola, Jr. was second with Dave Cummings third, Don McGuire fourth, and Randy Parmenter fifth.  

OC Action.jpg (64225 bytes)

The Outlaw Cadets started with a spin by Doug Moore coming down for the start.  When the twentOC Feature Louis DeDionisio.jpg (64323 bytes)y-four-car field got realigned, Louie DiDenisio jumped out to the early lead hounded by Greg Johnson.  Caution was shown on lap five when John Boardman spun in turn one.  On the restart DiDenisio reassumed the lead with Johnson again second.  The stalled car of Lonnie Waldron brought out the second caution at the halfway point of the event.   A four-car mess in turn four again slowed the race just as lap eight was completed, but Jim Hilyer had taken second from Johnson at the line.  Using the extreme high line Hilyer set out after DiDenisio but the number 6 was quick enough to gather his third win of the season at Stateline.  Points leader John Pencille got by Johnson and a fading Hilyer to finish second.  Hilyer wound up fourth after Johnson and Jeff VanArsdale was fifth.

SP 1st Feature Mark Ramsey.jpg (61248 bytes)The first Spectator feature started with a spin by the outside pole sitter, Chris Couchenour, necessitating a complete restart.  Steve Keith then took the lead at the start and led right to the final lap when he was passed by Mark Ramsey.  Keith wound up second with Bill Baker third.

Mike Knight jumped out to the early lead in the second Spectator feature with SP 2nd Feature Mike Knight.jpg (58141 bytes) Ron Fish second.  Knight went on to his first feature win.  With two laps remaining Ron Bush took over the runner-up position.  Fish fell off the pace at that point.  Jason Stutzman wound up third. 




      Heat 1: Spec Heat 1 02 Ken Jackson.jpg (74848 bytes) Ken Jackson, Jim Leonard, Ron Fish

      Heat 2: SP Heat 2 71L Dennis Lunger.jpg (77789 bytes) Dennis Lunger, Rick Sperry, Eugene Stetson

      Heat 3: SP Heat 3 10 Steve Hulings.jpg (75041 bytes) Steve Hulings, Steve Keith, Bob Frisbee

      Feature 1: SP 1st Feature Mark Ramsey.jpg (61248 bytes) Mark Ramsey, SP 1st Feature 2nd Position Steve Keith.jpg (61733 bytes) Steve Keith, Bill Baker Jr., Steve Hulings, Victor Earle Sr.

      Feature 2: SP 2nd Feature Mike Knight.jpg (58141 bytes) Mike Knight, SP 2d Feature 2nd Place Ron Bush.jpg (52983 bytes) Ron Bush, Jason Stutzman, Barrett Brown, David Auge



      Heat 1: EM Heat 1 Tim Rater.jpg (62733 bytes) Tim Rater, Mike Hess, Mark Samuelson

      Heat 2: EM HEAT 2 RANDY PARMENTER.jpg (78466 bytes) Randy Parmenter, Tink Mealy, Bill Thomas

      Feature: Dale Applebee, Bill Thomas, Dave Hess, Jr., Tim Rater, Mike Samuelson, Al Cressley, Justin Carlson, Stu Rickard, Tink Mealy, Jerry Schimp


   Outlaw Cadets:

      Heat 1: OC Heat 1 15K Phil Knight.jpg (77337 bytes) Phil Knight, Greg Johnson, Jeff Campbell

      Heat 2: OC Heat 2 6 Louie DeDionisio.jpg (80266 bytes) Louis DiDenisio, Todd Church, Terry Daniels

      Heat 3: OC Heat 3 Jim Hilyer.jpg (71970 bytes) Jim Hilyer, Jeff VanArsdale, Glenn Slaney

      Feature 1: Louie DiDenisio, John Pencille, Greg Johnson, Jim Hilyer, Jeff VanArsdale, Glenn Slaney, Nathan Short, Jeff Campbell, Dan Slye, Chris Blose


   Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: LL Heat 1 Al Cressley.jpg (63363 bytes) Al Cressley, Les Lyon, Steve Moynihan, Tom Schnars

      Heat 2: LL Heat 2 Chad Ramsey.jpg (62370 bytes) Chad Ramsey, Brian Fardink, Mike Coyle, Aaron Robinson

      Heat 3: LL Heat 3 Pat McGuire.jpg (61927 bytes) Pat McGuire, Mike Moore, Tom Hagberg, John Cline

      Feature: Al Cressley, Pat McGuire, Les Lyon, Bobby Rohrer, Chad Ramsey, Paul Briggs, Mike Moore, Tom Schnars, Tom Hagberg, Andy Knight


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: BS Heat 1 Mike Kosinski.jpg (73441 bytes) Mike Kosinski, Chad Ruhlman, Joe Buccola, Jr.

      Heat 2: BS Heat 2 Mike Murray.jpg (62167 bytes) Mike Murray, Bob VanArsdale, Gary Foster

   Feature: Mike Kosinski, Joe Buccola Jr., Dave Cummings, Don McGuire, Randy Parmenter, Bob Hazzard, Mike Murray, J R Nocero, Dana Cummings, Chris Kuschel


   Super Late Models:

      Heat 1: SL Heat 1 Rich Gardner.jpg (62182 bytes) Rich Gardner, Rod Maloy, Randy Lobb Bryan Emory

      Heat 2: SL Heat 2 Matt Urban.jpg (38863 bytes) Matt Urban, Chad Ruhlman, Moose Dunnewold, Dave Hess, Jr.

      Heat 3: SL Heat 3 Chris Hackett.jpg (42904 bytes) Chris Hackett, Dan Armbruster, Scott Johnson, Scott Gurdak

      American Racer Dash: American Dash Randy Lobb.jpg (65729 bytes) Randy Lobb, Scott Johnson, Moose Dunnewold

      Feature: Dan Armbruster, Matt Urban, Rich Gardner, Dave Hess Jr., Rod Maloy, Chris Hackett, Scott Johnson, Scott Gurdak, Doug Eck, Chad Ruhlman           


   Powder Puff Winners: Terri Ransom, Michelle Gibbons, Mandy Parmenter, Amy Bimber

OC Powderpuff.jpg (56158 bytes)Powder Puff 1.jpg (56224 bytes)SP Powder Puff.jpg (58069 bytes)