Stateline Speedway
  Saturdays May thru Sept.  Gates Open 5:30 pm. Racing at 7:00 pm.
4150 Kortwright Road, Busti NY      716-487-2368 / 814-688-4550

Al Cressley Wins the Bear Lake Inn “King of Stateline”
And Dan Armbruster is Super Late Winner at Stateline
By Glenn Slocum

         Al Cressley in his Limited Late Model won the Bear Lake Inn sponsored “King of Stateline”. All six classes participated in the event with the final coming down to Cressley and the Budweiser Super    Sportsman of Mike Kosinski. Cressley won the $1,000 prize and bragging rights in the pits. Matt Urban led the first ten laps of the Super Late Model before Dan Armbruster passed for the lead. Armbruster survived two cautions to lead the final fifteen laps. Gary Eicher lead every lap of the Outlaw Cadet event and Mike Kosinski won the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Brian Crandall and Kevin Brumett won the spectator events. Dave Hess Jr. won the E-Mod event and Pat McGuire was the Limited Late winner for the seventh time.

             Dennis Lunger and Brian Larson hooked bumpers on the initial start of the first Spectator feature, necessitating a complete restart The second start succeeded and Brian Crandall led the first two when an incident involving Mark Ramsey, Pat Passanise and Rush Firestone forced the first caution of the event. A near spin by the second place car of Brian Larson allowed Crandall to build a large lead thru six when the next caution flew for Firestone and Merle Burlingham in turn two. Bill Baker Jr. came from fourth to second on the restart but Crandall was our front by more than ten car lengths. Crandall lead every lap to win the event with Steve Keith third and Baker second.

             Ron Barr and Terry Suppa were on the front row of the second Spectator feature. Fred McClanahan, Rick Becker and Brandon Grates get together on the start stopping on the exit of turn four with the rear axel completely torn from under the Grates race car. A slow car on lap two slowed the race as Suppa led. Chuck Hart and Walt Houser brought the third caution on lap five. Suppa was still the leader with Dave Johnson in second and Kevin Brumett in third. Suppa was still the leader at halfway with Brumett now second and Rick Sperry third, Johnson had slipped to fourth. Suppa nearly spun in turn two of the last lap and fell to third then collided with Johnson losing a wheel and stopping Johnson in turn four. Brumett won the event with Sperry second and Dan Shellhouse in the third spot.

             The Outlaw Cadets were the third feature of the evening and Gary Eicher and Jeff VanArsdale were on the front row. Eicher won the drag race to turn one to lead the first lap.  Mark Hall stopped at the pit entrance forcing the yellow on lap two. Eicher won the race to turn one once more with VanArsdale, Louie DeDionisio and Glenn Slaney in pursuit. Slaney got by DeDionisio on lap four then an errant drive shaft at the starters stand caused the second yellow. Eicher resumed the lead on the restart and led until John Boardman spun on lap twelve for the third caution. Eicher took the green with three lap to go and again motored to the front and completed the race by leading all the lap for the win. VanArsdale was second with Glenn Slaney third.

             The Super Late Models promptly reported the speedway for their feature event at 10:30 pm. Matt Urban and Rod Maloy were on the front row with Dan Armbruster and Bryan Emory in row two. Urban, Armbruster and Maloy jumped to the front and began to distance themselves from the pack. Roles seemed reversed as Urban was running high and usually high running Armbruster was on the low side. Urban entered lap traffic on lap eight with Armbruster on has bumper. Chad Valone spun in turn two on lap nine and Urban was placed on the point with Armbruster second, Maloy third, John Lobb fourth, Bryan Emory fifth and Wally Fox sixth. Doug Eck and Rich Gardner were seventh and eighth. John Lacki and Al Crocker had trouble on the restart for the second caution on lap nine. Emory moved to fourth on the restart and Armbruster beat Urban to the flag on lap ten as Maloy also moved under Urban to challenge for second. Maloy took second on lap twelve as Armbruster was catching lap traffic. Rich Gardner was now fifth behind Emory. Maloy caught Armbruster in traffic but could not take advantage as the laps counted down. Chad Clemet stalled stopping the race with twenty down and five to go. Armbruster was still out front, Maloy second, Urban third, Emory fourth and Gardner fifth. Urban passed Maloy with two to go then Eck, Randy Lobb and Chad Valone stopped high in turn two. A wrecker was required to separate Eck and Lobb while Valone was able to continue on his own. Armbruster won the wild dash to the checkers, and early leader Urban was second with Ron Maloy third.

             J.R. Nocero led lap one then Scott Bayle brought out the yellow on lap two. Nocero led one move the faded to faded as Mike Kosinski and Pat McGuire took control of the race. McGuire led the Kosinski took over and began building a lead. Joe Buccola moved up to fourth on lap nine then had mechanical problems and left the speedway. Kosinski won going away with Pat McGuire second and Don McGuire third.      

          Ken Drake lead the fist three laps of the E-Mod main event until passed by Shane Applebee. AL Cressley slowed and the caution was shown on lap six. Applebee resumed the lead with Dave Hess Jr. now second and Drake third. Dave Hess passed Applebee on lap nine and Mike Samuelson moved to third. With one to go Mike Hess beat Samuelson for third as Dave Hess Jr. won the event, Applebee was second and Mike Hess third.

           The Limited Late Models were the last feature of the night with Mike Moore leading lap one. Pat McGuire moved by Moore on lap two as Chad Ramsey moved up to challenge Moore. Ramsey got by Moore on lap seven and Moore fell to third with Tom Hagberg fourth. Bobby Rohrer passed Hagberg with six to go for the fourth spot. McGuire continued to dominate the class and extend his points lead and take his seventh feature win of the season. Chad Ramsey finished second with Moore third.




      Heat 1: Rush Firestone, Pat Passanise, John Kelsey

     Heat 2: Chuck Hart, Dave Johnson, Paul Norman

     Heat 3: Skip Joslin, Dan Shellhouse, Brian Johnson

     Feature 1: Brian Crandall, Bill Baker Jr., Steve Keith, Barret Brown,    Paul Norman, Rush Firestone, Pat Passanise, Brian     Larson, Joe Houser

      Feature 2: Kevin Brumett, Rick Sperry, Dan Shellhouse, Terry Suppa, Rich Becker, Mike Ciffo, Skip Joslin, Jim Leonard, Danielle Weber, Ron Barr    


      Heat 1: Dale Applebee, Mike Samuelson, Kurt Thorpe

      Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Shane Applebee, Mike Hess, Mike Samuelson, Ken Drake, Dale Applebee, Tim Rater, Justin Carlson, Jason Covey


   Outlaw Cadets

      Heat 1: Gary Eicher, Louie DeDionisio, Todd Church

      Heat 2: Jeff VanArsdale, Glenn Slaney, Dan Slye

      Heat 3: Matt Lamphere, Nathan Short, Terry Daniels

      Feature 1: Gary Eicher, Jeff VanArsdale, Glenn Slaney, Louie DeDionisio, Todd Church, Jeff Campbell, John Pencille, Terry Daniels, Jim Hilyer, Chris Blose


   Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: Mike Moore, Tom Hagberg, Ron Seeley

      Heat 2: Pat McGuire, Les Lyon, Paul Briggs

      Heat 3: Chad Ramsey, Bobby Rohrer, Al Cressley           

      Feature: Pat McGuire, Chad Ramsey, Mike Moore, Bobby Rohrer, Tom Hagberg


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: Don McGuire, Robert Nocero, Joe Buccola Jr.

   Feature: Mike Kosinski, Pat McGuire, Don McGuire, Pete Volpe, Robert Nocero, Dave Cummings, Scott Bayle, Dana Cummings, J.R. Nocero


American Racer Dash : Scott Gurdak, Doug Eck, Scott Johnson


   Super Late Model:

      Heat 1: Rod Maloy, John Lobb, Doug Eck, David Scott

      Heat 2: Matt Urban, Bryan Emory, Scott Gurdak, Rich Gardner

      Heat 3: Dan Armbruster, Wally Fox, Scott Johnson, Ron Olson

      Feature: Dan Armbruster, Matt Urban, Rod Maloy, Wally Fox, Scott Gurdak, Bryan Emory, Matt Lux, Rich Gardner, David Scott, Chris Hackett


Car Count : 23 Outlaw Cadets

                 19 Limited Late Models

                 29 Super Late Models

                 11 E-Mods

                 37 Spectators

                 16 Budweiser Super Sportsman


               135 Cars


Round 1 : Spectator - Steve Hulings, Rick Sperry

                               Bill Baker Jr., Vic Earle Sr.

         Outlaw Cadet - Louie DeDionisio, Chris Blose

                               Jeff VanArsdale, John Pencille

         Sportsman     - Mike Kosinski, Pat McGuire

                               Dave Cummings, Randy Parmenter

         E-Mod           - Al Cressley, Shane Applebee

                               Mike Hess, Dave Hess Jr.

 Limited Late Model - Pat McGuire, Mike Moore

                               Al Cressley, Bobby Rohrer

   Super Late Model - Rod Maloy, John Lobb

                               Rich Gardner, Dan Armbruster



Round 2: Spectator - Steve Hulings, Bill Baker Jr.

         Outlaw Cadet - Jeff VanArsdale, Louie DeDionisio

         Sportsman     - Mike Kosinski, Dave Cummings

         E-Mod           - Al Cressley, Mike Hess

  Limited Late Model - Al Cressley, Pat McGuire

    Super Late Model – Rod Maloy, Rich Gardner


Round 3: E-Mod Al Cressley, Super Late Model  Rod Maloy

               Sportsman Mike Kosinski, Spectator Steve Hulings

               Limited Late Model Al Cressley, Outlaw Cadet Jeff VanArsdale

Round 4:  Sportsman Mike Kosinski, E-Mod Al Cressley


Final: Limited Late Al Cressley, Sportsman Mike Kosinski