Stateline Speedway
  Saturdays May thru Sept.  Gates Open 5:30 pm. Racing at 7:00 pm.
4150 Kortwright Road, Busti NY      716-487-2368 / 814-688-4550

Joe Heslop and Bill Baker Jr. Win House of Television Spectator Championship Races
Chupp Makes It Two in Row in the Super Lates
at Stateline

By Glenn Slocum

        The cold weather including snow showers brought hot racing to Stateline Speedway. With a number of other raceways unable to run because of the weather thirty-eight Super Late Models were on hand for a cold evening of hot racing. Joe Heslop and Bill Baker Jr. won the House of Television Spectator Championship races and Jim Hilyer won an Outlaw Cadet race marred by several yellows and a roll over by Aaron Robinson. Mike Kosinski won the Budweiser Super Sportsman event. Randall Chupp came back to win a hotly contested event over Garland’s Dave Scott in an exciting Super Late Model feature event. Kevin Decker passed a broken Dale Applebee to win the E-Mod main while Al Cressley won the Limited Late Model feature.

        Walt Houser lead the first two laps of the first House of Television Spectator Championship Race until a spin by Ron Bush slowed the field. Houser slowed on the restart and went to the pits giving the lead to Ken Jackson and Rick Sperry. Sperry gained the front spot on lap four as Jackson faded to fifth. Joe Heslop was running second with Merle Burlingham in third. Heslop and Burlingham both got by the leader on lap twelve. Burlingham challenged Heslop on the last lap but did not make the pass. Joe McMurty finished third, Burlingham was second and Heslop won.

        Randy Lobb, Doug Eck and Matt Lux pulled the pill to run the American Racer Dash. The winner received a tire from American Racer and his heat would be placed first on the grid for the feature event. Eck won going away with Lux second and Lobb third.

        Bill Baker Jr. brought the second House of Television Spectator Championship Race to the speedway. Baker went directly to the front with Kevin Brumett second and Steve Huling third. Huling made an outside move on Brumett for second on lap four as Baker tried to extend his lead. Steve Keith move to third on lap seven as Huling began catching Baker. Huling caught Baker in lap eight as the two began encountering lap traffic. Huling move up along side Baker on both of the final laps but could not finish the pass. Baker won with Huling second and Keith third.

        Fourteen cars lined up for the Super Late Model consolation event and Jason Morell was the early leader until losing the handle on lap four and coming to a stop against the turn two wall. Ron Olson assumed the lead with John Lobb second and Dave Shagla in the third and last qualifying position. Scott Gurdak came from nowhere to move into third and snow began to fall at the speedway. Moose Dunnewold was in fourth and looking for an opportunity to move up but it wasn’t to be as Olson won with Lobb second and Gurdak in the final spot.

        The initial start of the Outlaw Cadet main event was marred by a tangle involving half of the twenty-five-car field. The second attempted start resulted in the same thing as the middle of the field just could not get through turns one and two without an incident. A wreck on the backstretch involving Andy Knight and Todd Church stopped the third attempt. The race was delayed for a period of time as the two cars were cut apart. Jim Hilyer and Louie DeDionisio lead the first three laps when a spin by Scott Kuschel and Andy Knight slowed the event once more. Jeff VanArsdale slowed then was hit from behind and spun after tapping the third place car of John Pencille and all but the top seven cars were stopped when the speedway was blocked. The yellow was displayed again on lap nine as Hilyer continued to lead with Louie DeDionisio second and John Pencille third. Pencille passed DeDionisio one lap after the restart as Jeff VanArsdale recovering from an earlier incident was now fourth. Aaron Robinson took a nasty tumble on lap thirteen rolling over several times along the front stretch wall. Robinson was okay but his racecar was seriously damaged. Hilyer led the final two circuits for the win with Pencille second and DeDionisio third.

        Bob VanArsdale led the first five laps of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Mike Kosinski and Robert Nocero passed VanArsdale. Two laps latter a spin by Tom Kosinski brought out the yellow. Dave Cummings moved into third on the restart. Kosinski went on to win the event Nocero was second and Cummings third.

        Randall Chupp and Ron Olson were on the front row of a twenty-four-car Super Late Model Event. Dave Scott moved pass Chupp and Olson on the start to lead. Chupp and Scott ran side by side for the next six circuits before Chupp was able to gain a small advantage and take over the lead. Chupp moved into lap traffic on lap seven with Scott waiting for an opening and it came on lap ten when a lap car blocked Chupp and Scott got by. Chupp returned the favor on lap fourteen when Scott was blocked. A lap sixteen incident involving Mat Lux and Dan Armbruster allowed the field to close behind Chupp and Scott. Doug Eck was second and Ron Olson fourth behind the lapped car of Wally Fox. Armbruster went to the pits and Lux remained in the infield as the race was realigned. Scott Johnson stopped against the turn two wall on the restart and the field was reset. Scott moved under Chupp on the restart but could not make the pass as Eck moved up to challenge Scott. Dave Hess spun two laps later bringing out the next caution. Scott once again challenged Chupp on the inside as Al Crocker spun in turn four and the race as slowed again. Rod Maloy had moved to fourth followed by Randy Lobb in fifth and Rich Gardner sixth. Chupp went to the high side on the restart and Scott was unable to challenge as the leaders began to pull away form the filed. With two to go Scott once again moved under Chupp an led the white flag lap but Chupp came back on the last lap a barely beat Scott at the line for the second feature win in a row. Doug Eck finished third with Rod Maloy fourth.

        Shane Applebee loops his car on the first lap of the E-Mod feature as Tink Mealy and Kevin Decker led. Dale Applebee moved up behind Mealy on lap three then moved to the high side and passed for the lead on lap four. Applebee started extend his a lead even as smoke war coming from the rear of his racecar. Chris Peterson spun on lap seven and Applebee’s smoking car war given a brief respite as the field was reset for the restart. Decker was in second with early leader Mealy in third. Applebee, smoke and all moved to the front on restart. Mike Hess had moved to fourth behind Mealy and began challenging for third. Hess make the pass on lap thirteen with two to go as Applebee’s smoking car slowed to crawl on the final lap giving the win to Decker with Mike Hess second and Dave Hess Jr. third.

        Al Cressley and Bob Vogt were the early leaders of the Limited Late Model feature. Bobby Rohrer was third with Tom Hagberg fifth. Pat McGuire passed Hagberg on lap eight and started to run down Rohrer and Vogt. McGuire passed Rohrer on lap twelve. McGuire continued his charge to front by passing Vogt for second on lap fifteen. With five laps to go Cressley led McGuire by ten car lengths. McGuire could not close the gap as Cressley went on for the win. Vogt was third.



Heat 1: Jason Heslop, Merle Burlingham, Brian Johnson

Heat 2: Joe Houser, Dan Shellhouse, Ken Jackson

Heat 3: Steve Huling, Steve Keith, Vic Earle Sr.

Feature 1: Joe Heslop, Merle Burlingham, Joe McMurty, Pat Passanise, Brian Johnson

Feature 2: Bill Baker Jr., Steve Huling, Steve Keith, Brian Crandall, Kevin Brumett



Heat 1: Russ Dempsey, Mike Potosky, Mike Samuelson

Heat 2: Dale Applebee, Al Cressley, Tink Mealy

Feature: Kevin Decker, Mike Hess, Dave Hess, Tink Mealy, Shane Applebee, Mike Samuelson, Bill Thomas, Mike Potosky, Matt Swanson, Shawn Uhler


Heat 1: Andy Knight, Chris Blose, Ron Blem

Heat 2: Nathan Short, Aaron Robinson, Bill Dunn

Heat 3: John Pencille, Louie DeDionisio, Gary Eicher

Feature 1: Jim Hilyer, John Pencille, Louie DeDionisio, Jeff Campbell, Chris Blose, Jeff VanArsdale, Mark Hall, Terry Daniels, Brian Fardink, Jim Moon

Limited Late Models:

Heat 1: Al Cressley, Bobby Rohrer, Tom Hagberg, Pat McGuire

Heat 2: Bob Vogt, Andy Sweetland, Mike Moore, John Cline

Feature: Al Cressley, Pat McGuire, Bob Vogt, Bobby Rohrer, Andy Sweetland, Chris Sutton, Mike Moore, Tom Hagberg, Paul Briggs, T.J. Shaw


Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

Heat 1: Dave Cummings, Gary Foster, Bob VanArsdale

Heat 2: Mike Kosinski, Don McGuire, Robert Nocero

Feature: Mike Kosinski, Robert Nocero, Dave Cummings, Don McGuire, Pete Volpe, Bob VanArsdale, J.R. Nocero, Gary Foster, Pat McGuire, Randy Parmenter

American Racer Dash: Doug Eck, Matt Lux, Randy Lobb

Late Models:

Heat 1: Ron Olson, Matt Lux, Rich Gardner

Heat 2: Dave Scott, Randy Lobb, Rod Maloy,

Heat 3: Randall Chupp, Doug Eck, ??? Watson

Consolation: Ron Olson, John Lobb, Scott Gurdak, Moose Dunnewold

Feature: Randall Chupp, Dave Scott, Doug Eck, Rod Maloy, Randy Lobb, John Lobb, Rich Gardner, Bryan Emory, John Lacki, Chris Hackett