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Rod Maloy Wins American Racer “Run What Ya’ Brung” 45
at Stateline
By Glenn Slocum

            Sept.8th Busti NY. -  American Racer sponsored “Run What Ya’ LM Feature Rod Maloy.jpg (48714 bytes) Brung” saw Super Late Models with large spoilers, no roofs, side boards and even Moose Dunnewold with no roof and multi colored lights on each corner of his roll cage. The heats were strewn with cautions as the racers tried to get a handle on the new body configurations. It was all Rod Maloy in the big event as he passed all but three cars to win the event and pocket the $3,000 top prize. Pat McGuire won number eleven as he continued to dominate the Limited Late Model class. Merle Burlingham and Brian Crandall were the Spectator winners. Terry Daniels broke the ice and won his first Outlaw Cadet feature. Pete Volpe won his first in the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Mike Hess recovered from a first lap incident to win the E-Mod feature.

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SP 1st Feature 1st Brian Crandall.jpg (54334 bytes)Ron Bush spun in front of the field on the first lap of the first Spectator feature collecting and number of cars including Steve Keith Rick Sperry, Rush Firestone and Bill Baker Jr.. Firestone was towed to the pits during the caution. Pat Passanise lost the lead to Vic Earle on the next lap when a spin by Barrett Brown brought out the yellow for the second time. Earle, Passanise, Mike Knight and Tommy Fox were the leader on the lap three restart. Fox moved to third on lap three then second on lap four then gained the lead on lap five when a multi car spin stopped the race with five complete. Brain Crandall was third on the restart and beat Fox out of turn two on the restart to take the top spot. Crandall led the final circuits for the win with Fox second and Steve Hulings third.

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SP 2nd Feature 1st Merle Burlingham.jpg (51127 bytes)Dale MacDonald Jr. brought the second Spectator feature to the speedway and promptly jumped into the lead. Walt Houser was second with Merle Burlingham third. Burlingham moved to second on lap three as Houser began to slip back. Dennis Lunger was third on lap five and passed MacDonald on lap eight as the field slowed for a spin by Mike Ciffo. Lunger was aligned in the third spot for the lap eight restart. Jermin Strickland, James Connor and Dave Surrena tangled on the restart for the second caution. Lunger returned to second on the restart and lost by a half a car length at the checkers to Burlingham. Dave McClanahan finished third.

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 OC Feature Terry Daniels.jpg (49340 bytes)A spin by Greg Johnson on the initial lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature caused a complete restart of the event. The second start was much better as John Pencille assumed the lead with Terry Daniels second and Nathan Short third. Pencille spun on lap three losing several positions and giving the lead to Daniels, Pete Alspaugh was third with Louie DeDionisio fourth. A spin by Doug Dunham brought out the second caution on lap four. Pencille went into the pits and returned before the race was restarted. Daniels was back in front on the restart and began to move away from the field. Ed Striech had taken third with Glenn Slaney fourth and Alspaugh fifth. Striech tagged the front stretch wall on lap eleven but did not lose a spot as DeDionisio moved to fifth. Vern Sheldon brought out the third caution on lap fourteen. Daniels controlled the last two laps to win his first feature.

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BS Feature Pete Volpe.jpg (49985 bytes)Tom Kosinski was the first across the line on lap one of the Budweiser Super Sportsman event. John Robinson and Mike Kosinski were second and third. Debris on the speedway slowed the race on lap five. Pete Volpe made a charge on restart towing Scott Bayle right to the second position as Robinson moved into the lead. . Mike Kosinski spun ion the seventh lap for caution number two collecting Don McGuire. Volpe wrested the lead from Robinson on the next lap then a lap nine spin by Robert Nocero brought out caution three. It was Volpe, Bayle, Robinson and Dave Cummings on the restart. Volpe led the next lap when a spin by Chris Kuschel slowed the race with nine down and three to go. Volpe held off Bayle at the checkers as Cummings finished third and Pat McGuire fourth.

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            LM Feature Rod Maloy.jpg (48714 bytes)The American Racer 45 lap “Run What Ya’ Brung” was led from the pits by the second place car of Rich Gardner as the pole sitter, Bob Craig sat in the pits unable to fire his racecar. Maloy moved up next to Gardner for the start. Maloy was the leader of lap one as a spin by Wally Fox forced Moose Dunnewold to spin to avoid him as lap two was starting. Maloy was now on the inside for the restart with Gardner outside, Dan Armbruster in third and Bump Hedman fourth. Steve Halpainy stopped just as Spanky Hall threw the green causing the yellow to fly once more. Halpainy was push started and rejoined the field. After a clean restart Maloy led one more lap until a spin by Ted Kosinski brought the field back under caution. Scott Johnson passed Hedman for fourth on the restart as Maloy, Gardner and Armbruster moved away from the pack. Maloy had caught the tail end of the field by lap eight. Al Crocker and Wally Fox tangled in turn two on lap ten forcing both to the pits as the field was realigned for the restart. The lap car of John Lacki was placed in second as the first four started single file. Lacki moved over for leaders when the green flew. Hedman regained the fourth spot on restart as Maloy moved to the bottom of the speedway and began rebuilding his lead. Maloy was back in lap traffic on lap seventeen as the field was now strung out completely around the speedway. At the half way mark every one seemed to be maintaining their positions as the leaders wound through traffic. By lap thirty there were only six cars on the lead lap. With five to go only the top four were on the lead lap as Maloy continued to fly through the field. Maloy finished as he started at the front with only Dan Armbruster, Rich Gardner and Bump Hedman on the lead lap.

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             EM Feature Mike Hess.jpg (41955 bytes)Mike Hess, Tim Rater, Kevin Decker and Chris Peterson marred the start of the E-Mod event with a spin in turn four. It was three wide for the lead on lap one as Tink Mealy won out over Dan MacDonald and Mike Hess. Mealy slipped high on lap five allowing both MacDonald and Mike Hess by. Randy Parmenter and Justine Carlson tangled for the second yellow on lap six. Mike Hess beat MacDonald to turn one on the restart to take the lead on lap six. Kevin Decker spun to a stop in turn two to slow the race for the third time. Dave Hess passed Mealy on the high side on lap ten for fourth and Carlson spun on the next lap for caution number four. Dave Hess continued to move to the front by passing MacDonald on the restart. Dale Applebee was also coming forward as he passed Mealy for the fourth spot. Dave Hess was unable to catch Mike Hess who had recovered from the initial incident at the start to win the race.

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             LL Feature Pat McGuire.jpg (53547 bytes)Pat McGuire and Bobby Rohrer were on the front row of the Limited Late Model feature but the start failed when Chad Ramsey broke his steering coming to a stop against the turn four fence. Ramsey was towed to the infield as the field was set for a complete restart. It was McGuire, Rohrer and Al Cressley on the start and for the first two laps until Troy Dorman brought out the yellow on lap three. Chris Sutton slowed on the back stretch on lap four for caution three. McGuire once more quickly moved into a comfortable lead with Rohrer second and Cressley third. McGuire was beginning to lap cars on lap fourteen with a straightaway advantage over Rohrer. McGuire won handily for his eleventh win of the season as team mate Rohrer finished second.




      Heat 1: SP Heat 1 Dave McClanahan.jpg (53978 bytes) David McClanahan, , Dale MacDonald Jr., Mike Ciffo

      Heat 2: SP Heat 2 Merle Burlingham.jpg (58462 bytes) Merle Burlingham, Stan Davis, Mike Knight

      Heat 3: SP Heat 3 Brian Crandall.jpg (68983 bytes) Brian Crandall, Barrett Brown, Mark Ramsey

      Feature 1: Brian Crandall, Tommy Fox, Steve Hulings, Vic Earle Sr., Mark Ramsey, Barrett Brown, Paul Norman, Rick Sperry, Chuck Hart, Steve Keith

      Feature 2: Merle Burlingham, SP 2nd Feature 2nd Dennis Lunger.jpg (56735 bytes) Dennis Lunger, Dave McClanahan, Dale MacDonald Jr., Wade Watson, Stan Davis, Justin Krieder, Ken Jackson, Gary Davis, Walt Houser       


      Heat 1: OC Heat 1 John Pencille.jpg (75269 bytes) John Pencille, Dustin Eckman, Ed Striech

      Heat 2: OC Heat 2 Terry Daniels.jpg (56607 bytes) Terry Daniels, Pete Alspaugh, Tom Norland

      Heat 3: OC Heat 3 Nathan Short.jpg (66591 bytes) Nathan Short, Greg Johnson, Glenn Slaney

      Feature 1: Terry Daniels, Nathan Short, Ed Striech, Glenn Slaney,     Greg Johnson, Dustin Eckman, Tom Norland, Matt Lamphere,    John Pencille, Jeff Campbell

  Budweiser Super Sportsmen(19):

      Heat 1: BS Heat 1 Joe Buccola Jr..jpg (56195 bytes) Joe Buccola Jr., Pat McGuire, Randy Parmenter

      Heat 2: BS Heat 2 J.R. Nocero.jpg (56710 bytes) J.R. Nocero, Tom Kosinski, Hank Francis

      Feature: Pete Volpe, Scott Bayle, Dave Cummings, Pat McGuire, John Robinson, Don McGuire, Tom Kosinski, Joe Buccola Jr., Brent Crandall, Hank Francis



      Heat 1: EM Heat 1 Dan MacDonald.jpg (41663 bytes) Dan MacDonald, Charlie Winchell, Tom Anderson

      Heat 2: EM Heat 2 Mike Hess.jpg (53517 bytes) Mike Hess, Randy Parmenter, Dale Applebee

      Feature: Mike Hess, Dave Hess Jr., Dan MacDonald, Dale Applebee, Tink Mealy, Al Cressley, Randy Parmenter, Charlie Winchell, Kevin Decker, Tom Anderson


   Limited Late Models(19):

      Heat 1: LL Heat 1 Pat McGuire.jpg (48947 bytes) Pat McGuire, Al Cressley, Mike Coyle

      Heat 2: LL Heat 2 Bobby Rohrer.jpg (52631 bytes) Bobby Rohrer, Chris Sutton, Ron Seeley

      Feature: Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Al Cressley, Joe Weber, Steve Moynihan, Mike Moore, Tom Hagberg, Mike Coyle, Ron Seeley, Brian Fardink


American Racer Dash: American Dash Bruce Hordusky.jpg (63233 bytes)Bruce Hordusky, Scott Johnson, Dave Hess Jr.


   Late Models(27):

      Heat 1: LM Heat 1 Bob Craig.jpg (48549 bytes) Bob Craig, Dan Armbruster, Bruce Hordusky

      Heat 2: LM Heat 2 Rod Maloy.jpg (57043 bytes) Rod Maloy, Bump Hedman, Dave Hess Jr.

      Heat 3: LM Heat 3 Rich Gardner.jpg (53521 bytes) Rich Gardner, Steve Halpainy, Scott Johnson

      Feature: Rod Maloy, Dan Armbruster, Rich Gardner, Bump Hedman, Dave Hess Jr., Scott Johnson, Bruce Hordusky, Bill Watson, Ron Olson, Rod Phillips, Doug Eck, Randy Lobb, Ted Kosinski, Moose Dunnewold, Andy Boozel, Dave Shagla, John Lacki, Dick Litz, Chad Clement, Steve Halpainy, Matt Urban, John Watson, Wally Fox, Al Crocker, Dusty Franklin, George LaBarbera