Aug 2nd,2003 -
Bobby Rohrer is the Sysco Foods Limited Late Model Champion 
Ed Carley Wins Super Late Feature
 at Stateline Speedway

By Jay Pees

P8020207.JPG (485979 bytes)P8020204.JPG (474690 bytes)Twenty-six Late Models started their feature with Scott Gurdak taking the lead, but caution for a four car pile up on the back straight on lap one slowed the race.  Again Gurdak took off in the lead with John Lacki second.  Debris in turn was the reason for the next race slowing yellow.  At lap three Ed Carley took over at the front, but his lead was negated by the yellow for a four-car skirmish in turn four.  On the first lap after green, Carley began working the high side, coming by Gurdak for the lead on lap five.  When the leaders came into lapped traffic, Gurdak closed the gap and began challenging for the lead as Scott Johnson came to second.  At lap 22 Gurdak was on the high side of the leader, but Carley held on for his first-ever win at Stateline.  Gurdak was second with Johnson third, Dan Armbruster fourth and Chad Ruhlman fifth.

The Championship for the Limited Late Models saw Andy Sweetland lead the first four of the twenty-five laps from the pole.  Then Tom Hagberg spun in turn four and Ed Simmer did the same in turn one.  After the restart, only of a lap got into the books before four cars piled up in turn four, again bringing out caution.  John Pencille wrested the lead at the restart with Bobby Rohrer coming to second at lap 7.  Another caution ensued when Scott Cooney spun in turn two, collecting Brian Fardink in the process.  Bobby Rohrer came to the lead at lap seventeen with Scott Gurdak coming to second a lap later.  Rohrer wound up with the Championship win, followed by Gurdak, Pencille, Pat McGuire, and Mike Coyle.

P8020200.JPG (477031 bytes)Eighteen E-Mods took the green flag from Spanky Hall with Dale Applebee grabbing the immediate lead, but the caution flag came out for a wreck on turn one with Jeff Hellwig and James Irwin.  Again the green waved with Applebee again going to the front from his outside front row starting spot.  Quincy Turner then began challenging the leader, taking over at the front on lap three. Two laps later it was Dave Hess at the front.  After another caution at lap six, Hess lengthened his lead to a near-quarter lap at the checkers.  Turner wound up second with Justin Carlson third, Mike Hess fourth, and Al Cressley filling out the top five.

Chris Kuschel led three-quarters of lap one, and then went high coming out of turn four, slapping the front-straight retaining wall, ending his night.  Bobby Rohrer then led while Randy Parmenter was making his way through the pack.  Parmenter took over at the point on lap three.  Chad Carlson came to second at lap four, but was never able to mount a serious challenge as Parmenter, a former class champion, went on to his third win of the season.  Carlson was second with Don McGuire third.

P8020191.JPG (485751 bytes)Phillip Knight grabbed the lead early in the Cadet feature and was never headed as he went on to his second win of the season.  Matt Lamphere wound up second with 2002 Champion Jeff Van Arsdale third.

       P8020177.JPG (480995 bytes) Rick Thompson and Dennis Lunger led the eighteen starters in the first spectator feature to the green with Thompson leading the field through lap one with Dana Wellington surging into the lead on lap two.  By lap four Mark Ramsey had the lead with Steve Keith second.  The race ended with Ramsey gaining his fifth win of the season.  Keith wound up second with Joe McMurdy third, Chris Couchenour fourth and point leader Tommy Fox winding up fifth. 

P8020181.JPG (480771 bytes)Brian Swift led to the second turn of the second Spectator feature, then spun his mount in front of the field, bringing out the caution at the end of lap one.  Wade Watson then took over at the front, leading to the checkers for his first win of the season.  Barrett Brown wound up second by a fender with Derrick Dickerson third.



      Heat 1: P8020028.JPG (475522 bytes)Clarence Dickerson, Ken Jackson, Brian Graham

      Heat 2: P8020033.JPG (474540 bytes)Rick Thompson, Jamie Schnars, Joe McMurdy

      Heat 3: P8020041.JPG (473537 bytes)Rush Firestone, Chris Couchenour, Dana Wellington

      Feature 1: Mark Ramsey, Steve Keith, Joe McMurdy, Chris Couchenour, Tommy Fox, Kevin Brumett, Rush Firestone, Bill Van Volkenburg, Nate Lester, Dennis Lunger, Rick Thompson, Dana Wellington, Wade Mohawk, Pat Passanise, Paul Norman, John Kelsey, Josh Lucas, Merle Burlingham

      Feature 2: Wade Watson, Barrett Brown, Derrick Dickerson, Dave McClanahan, Ray Finch, Brian Johnson, Bob Kinne, Ron Fish, Ken Jackson, Dan Surrena, Monte Seekings Jr., Lee Rider, Mike Coast, Jeremy English, Rodney Thomas, Jamie Schnars, Brian Wagner, J R Brown, Brian Graham, Mark Luce, Clarence Dickerson, Bill Termotte, Scott Peggan


  Outlaw Cadets

      Heat 1: P8020050.JPG (473380 bytes)Matt Lamphere, Phillip Knight, Jeff Van Arsdale

      Heat 2: P8020057.JPG (477029 bytes)Ed Streich, John Boardman, Vern Sheldon Jr.

      Feature 1: Phil Knight, Matt Lamphere, Jeff Van Arsdale, Nathan Short, Ron Seeley, Greg Johnson, Louie DeDionisio, Dustin Eckman, Terry Daniels, Ed Streich, Cliff Lamphere, Bill Dunn, Mark Hall, Rich Becker, Vern Sheldon, Pete Alspaugh, Tom Norland, John Boardman, Chuck Parker, Car 37D


     Heat 1: P8020078.JPG (479380 bytes)Justin Carlson, Tim Rater, Quincy Turner

      Heat 2: P8020084.JPG (470542 bytes)Dave Hess Jr., Dale Applebee, Al Cressley

      Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Quincy Turner, Justin Carlson, Mike Hess, Al Cressley, Shane Applebee, Tim Rater, Greg Oakes, Dan Nocero, Bill Thomas, Dave Surrena, Tom Anderson, Joe Harvey, Chad Silleman, Matt Swanson, Jeff Hellwig, Dale Applebee, James Irwin, Stu Rickard


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: Robert Nocero, Don Stanley, Hank Francis

      Heat 2: Randy Parmenter, Pat McGuire, Don McGuire

      Feature: Randy Parmenter, Chad Carlson, Don McGuire, Bob Van Arsdale, Pat McGuire, Hank Francis, Tom Kosinski, Mike Murray, Bobby Rohrer, Brian Collins, Robert Nocero, Don Stanley, Pete Volpe, Mike Corrigan, Al White, Tim Nocero, Aaron Robinson, Chris Kuschel


   Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: P8020095.JPG (484063 bytes)Andy Sweetland, Mike Coyle, Ed Simmer

      Heat 2: P8020105.JPG (484267 bytes)Tom Hagberg, Bobby Rohrer, Scott Gurdak

      Feature: Bobby Rohrer, Scott Gurdak, John Pencille, Pat McGuire, Mike Coyle, Chad Ramsey, Tom Schnars, Les Lyon, Tom Hagberg, Mike Moore, Andy Knight, Steve Moynihan, Wayne Mohawk, Ed Simmer, John Kline, Scott Cooney, Andy Sweetland, Brian Fardink,


   Super Late Models:

      Heat 1: P8020120.JPG (475559 bytes)John Lacki, Wally Fox, Rod Maloy

      Heat 2: P8020137.JPG (480268 bytes)Scott Gurdak, Dick Barton, Rich Gardner

      Heat 3: P8020153.JPG (489286 bytes)Dan Armbruster, Ed Carley, Ward Schell

      America Racer Dash:  P8020179.JPG (487303 bytes)Rich Gardner, Rod Maloy, Ward Schell

      Feature: Ed Carley, Scott Gurdak, Scott Johnson, Dan Armbruster, Chad Ruhlman, Rod Maloy, Dick Barton, Rich Gardner, Dave Hess, Randy Lobb, Ward Schell, John Lacki, Doug Eck, Chad Valone, Steve Halpainy, Bump Hedman, Dick Litz, Andy Boozel, Wally Fox, Al Crocker, Rick Isadore, George LaBarbera, Mike Kosinski, Kevin Santee, Chris Blose, Paul Briggs