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July 26th, 2003 - Scott Johnson Wins Corry Lumber & American Race Tire Night and Pete Volpe Budweiser Super Sportsman Winner
at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

            A cloudy humid evening greeted race fans on Corry Lumber and American Race Tire Night at Stateline Speedway. Pete Volpe was the big winner in the Budweiser Super Sportsman Championship race. Scott Johnson took the lead from Chris Hackett on lap eleven after dueling back and forth for several laps to win his third of the season in the Super Late Model feature. John Kelsey won his third Spectator feature and Dave McClanahan his second. Terry Daniels led the last two hundred feet of the Outlaw Cadet event for his first feature win of the season. Al Cressley made it look easy in the E-Mod event to notch his fifth win. Pat McGuire led from lap three to win his fifth Limited Late Model feature.

              Chris Hackett and Dan Armbruster were in the front row of the Super Late Model main event with Scott Johnson and Dick Litz in row two. Hackett and Johnson were in the lead after one with Armbruster and Wally Fox in tow. Scott Gurdak was fifth and Moose Dunnewold sixth. Bruce Hordusky spun on lap five in turn two for the first yellow with four laps completed. Hackett retained control on the restart with Johnson looking on the outside for a pass. Fox was pressing Armbruster for the third spot as Johnson barely beat Hackett to the line to lead lap eight. Hackett led the next then Johnson came back to lead laps ten and eleven. Fox faded allowing Armbruster to get away then Gurdak to get around as he settled into the fifth spot. Johnson caught the end of the field on lap fifteen allowing Hackett to close as lap traffic slowed the leader. Hackett had closed to five car length with five laps remaining. Johnson was out in front by four car lengths with two to go as both he and Hackett hugged the inside of the speedway. Johnson maintained his advantage over the next lap winning his third feature of the year forcing Hackett to settle for the runner up spot.          

S072603 130.jpg (360438 bytes)Steve Keith was out in front when the yellow flew for Clarence Dickerson in turn on the first lap of the first Spectator feature. Keith repeated the feat on the restart with Kevin Brumett second and Tommy Fox third. Brumett led the led lap two by a bumper as three by a car length as the field started to get strung out behind the leaders. Rush Firestone and Bill Van Volkenburg brought out the second caution with four laps complete. Fox won the restart moving into the top spot with Brumett second and John Kelsey third. Kelsey beat Fox into turn three on lap eight to take of the lead with two to go. A incident coming down for the checkers collected Davie Auge, Dennis Lunger, Dana Wellington and Chris Couchenour. Kelsey won the event with Fox second and Mark Ramsey third.

  S072603 133.jpg (327671 bytes)Bill Termotte brought out the caution on the initial start of the second Spectator feature. Ron Bush and Ron Fish were first and second after lap one then Fish took control on lap three. Dave McClanahan got by Bush for second on lap three. Bob Kinne ran over Bush on lap five causing Bush a flat and bringing out the second caution. McClanahan took the point on the restart relegating Fish to second. Ray Finch and Derrick Dickerson were third and fourth. McClanahan led the final two to win his second feature.

S072603 138.jpg (294904 bytes)Stan Davis, Scott Friend and Tom Liberatore were the early leader in the Four Cylinder feature. Liberatore was the front runner by lap three then brought out the caution on lap six after stopping in turn two. Friend became the new leader on the restart but Dan Osborne was out in front as they came by the flagman on lap six. Larry Boumans was third with Tom Bean in the fourth spot. Osborne won by several car lengths as Friend held off Boumans for second.

Scott Kuschel led lap one then gave way to Don Standley in lap two of the Budweiser Super Sportsman Championship event. Debris from Chan Carlson’s car brought out the caution on lap three. Tom Kosinski was in the second spot with early leader Kuschel in third followed by Bob Van Arsdale and Mike Corrigan fifth. Standley held onto the lead after the restart with Pete Volpe quickly moving up into the second spot. Don McGuire was shown in fourth with Chad Carlson fifth. Randy Parmenter brought out the yellow on lap six after coming to a stop after jumping wheels with Don McGuire. Volpe moved under Standley on the restart taking the lead coming out of turn four. Don McGuire moved into the third spot on lap eleven then second with three remaining. Carlson got by Standley with two to go for the third spot. Volpe won by several car lengths with Don McGuire second and Carlson third.

S072603 143.jpg (262137 bytes)Matt Lamphere was the leader after one lap in the Outlaw Cadet feature. Terry Daniels was second with Phil Knight in the third spot. The three leaders had separated themselves from the rest of the field when a yellow flew for John Boardman who had spun in turn three. Lamphere remained the leader. Greg Johnson and Louis DeDionisio were fourth and fifth. No one seemed capable of catching Lamphere with five laps remaining. Lamphere with an easy win in sight spun coming out of turn four for the checkers collecting Knight and giving the win to Daniels. Johnson was second and DeDionisio third.

S072603 149.jpg (327671 bytes)Dan Nocero led the first E-Mod feature lap with Shane Applebee second and Dale Applebee third. Quincy Turner brought out the yellow on lap four by spinning to a stop in turn one. Bill Thomas was in the fourth spot with Justin Carlson fifth. Shane Applebee went wide on the restart losing several spot as Dale Applebee took the second position. One lap later Dale Applebee lost the handle in turn four bringing out the second caution. Nocero was in front with Al Cressely now second and Shane Applebee in third. Cressley wrested the lead from Nocero on the restart lap then one lap later Shane Applebee also got by. Cressley was driving away from the field when a spin by Chad Silleman brought out the yellow on lap thirteen. Cressley once more moved away from the pack on the restart and Carlson passed Nocero for the third spot. Cressley made it look easy as he won his fifth of the season.

S072603 151.jpg (327671 bytes)Randy Lobb stopped on the backstretch forcing a caution just the Limited Late Models were ready to start the event. Tom Hagberg went into the pits after contact in the incident. Troy Dorman lost the handle on the next start collecting John Pencile and the yellow appeared once more before a lap could be completed. Chad Ramsey was the new leader with Mike Coyle second and Tom Schnars third. Hagberg returned to the track during the yellow joining at the tail end of the field. Coyle lost several spots on the restart moving Schnars into the second. Schnars went the pits with a flat and Pat McGuire took the second spot. Hagberg had trouble once more on lap three spinning in turn two. McGuire beat Ramsey into turn one on the restart and Scott Gurdak settled into the third spot with Bobby Rohrer fourth. Gurdak moved to the outside of Rohrer pressing for the third position with then yellow flew for Coyle who had spun in turn four. Hagberg had recovered from the early incidents to take the fourth spot from Gurdak at the halfway mark. Ramsey let Rohrer get under him on lap fourteen coming out of two losing the position. Ramsey fought back as the white flew but just could not make the pass letting Rohrer keep the second spot as McGuire went on to win his fifth of the year.



      Heat 1: P7269525.JPG (469434 bytes) Mark Luce, Bob Vogt Jr., Bob Kinne

      Heat 2: P7269541.JPG (482040 bytes) Bill Van Volkenburg, Ray Finch, Justin Tatlow

      Heat 3: P7269554.JPG (466971 bytes) Mark Ramsey, Tommy Fox, John Kelsey

      Feature 1: John Kelsey, Tommy Fox, Mark Ramsey, Kevin Brumett, Steve Keith, Rush Firestone, Dave Auge, Paul Norman, Brian Crandall, Merle Burlingham

      Feature 2: Dave McClanahan, Ron Fish, Ray Finch, Derrick Dickerson, Derrick Dickerson, Jamie Schnars, J.R. Brown, Bob Kinne, Ken Jackson, Mark Luce, Wade Watson


  Four Cylinder:

      Heat 1: P7269558.JPG (475533 bytes) Tom Bean, Larry Boumans, Bob Craig

      Heat 2: P7269563.JPG (470456 bytes) Dan Osborne, Todd Cross, Tom Liberatore

      Feature: Dan Osborne, Scott Friend, Larry Boumans, Tom Bean, Bob Craig, Todd Cross, Ken Wanzer, Rich Hamblin, Dale Wise, Stan Davis Jr.


  Outlaw Cadets

      Heat 1: P7269572.JPG (478766 bytes) Terry Daniels, Dustin Eckman, Louis DeDionisio

      Heat 2: P7269583.JPG (473111 bytes) Mark Hall, Vern Sheldon Jr., Chuck Parker

      Feature 1: Terry Daniels, Greg Johnson, Louis DeDionisio, Mark Hall, Jeff Van Arsdale, Dustin Eckman, Pete Alspaugh, Nathan Short, Vern Sheldon Jr., Jim Bergman



     Heat 1: P7269615.JPG (468619 bytes) Al Cressley, Justin Carlson, Dale Applebee

      Heat 2: P7269631.JPG (475640 bytes) Bill Thomas, Quincy Turner, Shane Applebee

      Feature: Al Cressley, Shane Applebee, Justin Carlson, Dan Nocero, Bill Thomas, Tim Rater, Quincy Turner, Boyd Whitehead, Dave Surrena, Stu Rickart


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: P7269590.JPG (475104 bytes) Don Standley, Chris Kuschel, Tom Kosinski

      Heat 2: Randy Parmenter, Bobby Rohrer, Bob Van Arsdale

      Feature: Pete Volpe, Don McGuire, Chad Carlson, Don Standley, Bob Van Arsdale, Mike Murray, Aaron Robinson, Tom Kosinski, Bobby Rohrer, Pat McGuire


   Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: P7269647.JPG (484166 bytes) Troy Dorman, Tom Schnars, Steve Moynihan

      Heat 2:  P7269659.JPG (489630 bytes)Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, John Pencile

      Feature:  Pat McGuire, Bob Rohrer, Chad Ramsey, Tom Hagberg, Scott Gurdak, Mike Moore, Mike Coyle, Brian Fardink, Dan Shellhouse, Tom Schnars


   American Racer Dash: John Lacki, Scott Gurdak, Randy Lobb


   Super Late Models:

      Heat 1: P7269670.JPG (479189 bytes) Chris Hackett, Dick Litz, John Lacki, Ted Kosinski, Keith Zimmerman

      Heat 2: P7269689.JPG (483260 bytes) Dan Armbruster, Wally Fox, Scott Gurdak, Chad Valone, Rich Gardner

      Heat 3: P7269700.JPG (480266 bytes) Scott Johnson, Moose Dunnewold, Randy Lobb, Rod Maloy, Ward Schell

      Feature: Scott Johnson, Chris Hackett, Dan Armbruster, Scott Gurdak, Wally Fox, Randy Lobb, Chad Valone, Ron Maloy, Bump Hedman, Moose Dunnewold, Keith Zimmerman, Rich Gardner, John Lacki, Ward Schell, Mike Kosinski, Bruce Hordusky, Kevin Santee, Paul Briggs, Andy Boozel, Dick Litz