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Tom Taber wins Inaugural Patriot Sprint Event and Dan Armbruster is  the Super Late Model Winner on  Bear Lake Inn Night at Stateline Speedway

                         Sunshine and blue skies greeted the Fans and racers at Stateline Speedway for the third night of racing sponsored by The Bear Lake Inn. The Bobcat Patriot Sprint Group held there inaugural event with Tom Taber going in the record books as there first A-Main winner. Taber survived a mid race challenge by Kyle Drum for the win. Twenty-eight Sprints were on hand with twenty-five starting the main event.  Tommy Fox used the outside groove to pass Rush Firestone and win his third Spectator feature in a row.  Kevin Brumett led every lap winning the second Spectator feature. 2002 Outlaw Cadet Champion Jeff Van Arsdale won a caution filled feature event. Don McGuire edged out Randy Parmenter to win the Super Sportsman feature. Dan Armbruster battled Rod Maloy early in the Super Late Model feature then went on to win by several car lengths over Doug Eck and Dave Hess Jr. Hess came back later in the evening and won the E-Mod feature over Bill Thomas. Early leader Bob Vogt gave way to Andy Knight in the Limited Late feature.  

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             Veteran Tom Taber was on the pole for the inaugural Patriot Sprint A-Main. Taber was the first into turn one but the lap was never completed when Dan Demming, Jared Zimbardi and Gordy Button stopped in four. The next attempted start when Jeremy Barnhard, Gary Troutman and Bill Coffey were involved in an incident trying to avoid the a spin by the second place car of Tim Bernard. Taber once more jumped into the lead followed by Billy Kroll and Dan Bennett. Dan Demming had trouble once more after three completed laps allowing the field to close with Taber. Taber resumed control after the single file restart as the field was now strung over half of the speedway. Drum passed Moffit coming out of turn four on lap seven to move in behind Taber. Demingís bad luck continued on lap eight after contact with Don Adamczyk. Bernard spun again and continued on the restart but Tim Zimbardi stopped to avoid him causing another caution. Drum caught then passed Taber on lap twelve as the yellow flew for the Dan Bennett car up against the turn four fence. Taber was now second with young Kyle Drum in the top spot. Kroll was third and Bernard, after spinning twice, in the fourth spot. Taber got the jump on restart leading through turns one and two. Drum tried the high pass in turn three as Taber moved up the speedway forcing Drum into the fence and bringing out the yellow flag. Taber was placed into the lead spot while Drum moved to the rear of the field. Kroll was now second followed by Bernard and Keith Dempster. Taber moved to a comfortable lead on the lap fourteen restart. The race was settled at this point with Taber running the remainder of the race unchallenged. Gordy Button passed Dempster in the final laps to finish fourth with Bernard third and Kroll second.  

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             Rod Maloy barley beat Dan Armbruster to the line on lap one of the Super Late Model event and Armbruster lead lap two by a foot. Scott Johnson ran along the front stretch wall and Dusty Franklin stopped in turn three after four completed laps. Armbruster was placed in the front spot with Maloy second followed by Scott Gurdak then Doug Eck. Maloy dropped two spots on the restart as Doug Eck moved into second followed by Gurdak to third. Maloy recovered a spot on the next lap with Bryan Emory in the fourth spot. Eck moved up beside Armbruster in the corners but Armbruster would pull away on the straits. Brad Fiesler and Chad Valone brought out the yellow on lap thirteen. Emory passed Maloy for third on the restart as Eck and Armbruster began moving away for the field. Valone spun once more on lap eighteen negating Armbrusterís lead. The top four remained the same with Chris Hackett fifth and Dave Hess Jr. sixth. Maloy moved under Emory on the restart to challenge for the third spot. Hess mad it a three way battle with two remaining and Armbruster was way out front. Armbruster finished several car lengths ahead of Eck, followed by Hess third then Emory fourth, Scott Gurdak finished fifth and Maloy sixth.  

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            LL F Andy Knight.jpg (120792 bytes) Bob Vogt led the first lap of the Limited Late Model feature when a spin by John Pencile brought out the caution. Todd Church was second and Tom Schnars third. Vogt led the next lap then Dan Shellhouse stopped in turn four for the second caution. Pat McGuire and Dan Maxim brought out the next caution on lap four. Maxim was towed from the speedway and McGuire was able to continue. Andy Knight took second away from Schnars on the restart a moved up behind the leader. Knight moved up under Vogt on lap eight completing the pass on the back stretch as he and Vogt briefly touched. Knight was into lap traffic on lap thirteen. Knight went on to win the event finishing ten car lengths ahead of Vogt who was as same distance from the third place car of Schnars.  

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SP F1 Tommy Fox.jpg (119489 bytes)

             Rush Firestone took control of first Spectator feature from the start. A incident between Dennis Lunger and Barrett Brown brought out the caution on lap four allowing Ron Bush to move along side for the restart. Steve Keith moved into second on the restart with two-time feature winner Tommy Fox in DSCF0037.JPG (117014 bytes) third. Bush spun on lap five for the second caution of the event. Tommy Fox moved into the top spot on lap seven as Firestone hung onto the inside of the speedway. Brian Crandall tried a move under Firestone on the white flag lap but ran out of speedway spinning as the checkers flew. Fox won his third win in three races with Firestone second and Steve Keith third.   

            SP F2 Kevin Brumett.jpg (118143 bytes)Kevin Brumett jumped into the lead of the second Spectator feature and had a straightway lead by lap two. David Johnson spun coming out of turn four then sustained a hard hit from Rodney Thoms, both drivers were okay but Johnsonís car had to be towed from the speedway. Chip Davis was second with Chris Couchenour third on the restart. Brumett lead from green to checkers winning the event with Davis second followed by Couchenour.

             Matt Lamphere ruined the initial start of the Outlaw Cadet feature with a spin in turn one. The leader Jason Lewis was turned by Bob Cettell on the next attempted start requiring another complete restart. The first lap was finally completed on the third attempt but a spin by early leader Lewis caused the third caution. John Boardman lost the lead after contact with Jeff Van Arsdale on lap three for the fourth caution with only two laps complete. Dustin Eckman was the new leader with Van Arsdale second and Bill Dunn third. Dunn and Phil Knight fought for the third spot for several laps before Knight took the spot. At the crossed flags Van Arsdale was trying to find a way around Eckman in lap traffic. Jeff Campbell stopped in turn four on lap ten for the fifth yellow of the event. Eckman stayed low with Van Arsdale high for the next two laps then an incident involving Pete Alspaugh, Phil Knight and Lewis caused caution number six. Van Arsdale tagged Eckman as he slowed in turn two on the restart for caution number seven. Eckman was put to the rear as Van Arsdale followed by Ron Seeley and Louie DeDionisio took the green. Greg Johnson continued the spin fest on lap fourteen for caution eight then Alden Ohlsson came to stop in turn one for yellow number nine on the restart. Seeley and Van Arsdale got the jump on the field at the restart finishing the race as they restarted with DeDionisio finishing third.  

            BS F Don McGuire.jpg (121169 bytes)Pete Volpe spun on the start of the Super Sportsman feature necessitating a complete restart. Chris Kuschel led the first two laps before Chad Carlson spun for the second caution. Kuschel lost the lead to Don McGuire on the restart then quickly baked up through the field, as Hank Francis and Dave Cummings were shown second and third. A spin by Mike Corrigan with five laps complete caused the third caution. Carlson lost the handle on the restart for caution four.  Don McGuire led at the half way mark with Randy Parmenter second. Corrigan brought out another yellow on lap nine. The final three laps were completed under green with the Don McGuire narrowly defeating Parmenter at the checkers and Pat McGuire finished third.

             DSCF0046.JPG (121883 bytes)Bill Thomas spun on the start of the E-Mod event. Thomas was placed back on the pole with Tim Rater on the outside. Al Cressley slowed in the middle of turn two on the second attempted start. Dave Surrena brought out the yellow on the third attempt. Thomas finally made the fourth attempt work and led the first three then a spin by Stu Rickard forced Starter Spanky Hall to drop the yellow once more. Thomas resumed the lead followed by Mike Hess then Randy Parmenter. Dave Hess moved by Parmenter on lap five then passed Mike Hess on lap eight. Dave Hess passed Thomas on the high side on lap nine then Quincy Turner spun and Thomas got back by Hess.  Dave Hess went to the high side again on the restart beating Thomas to the line to lead lap ten. Dave Hess won going away with Thomas second and Mike Hess third. 



      Heat 1: SP 1 Kevin Brumett.jpg (137020 bytes) Kevin Brumett, Joe Houser, Chris Couchenour

      Heat 2: SP 2 Dave Auge.jpg (136603 bytes) David Auge, Vic Earle Sr., Brian Crandall

      Feature 1: Tommy Fox, Rush Firestone, Steve Keith, Dana Wellington, Vic Earle, Dennis Lunger, David Auge, Brian Crandall, Barrett Brown, Ron Bush

      Feature 2:  Kevin Brumett, Chip Davis, Chris Couchenour, Paul Norman, Brian Johnson, Ron Fish, J.R. Brown, David McClanahan, Wade Watson, Joe Houser


  Outlaw Cadets

      Heat 1: OC 1 Jeff VanArsdale.jpg (137594 bytes) Jeff Van Arsdale, Pete Alspaugh, Phil Knight

      Heat 2: OC 2 Nathan Short.jpg (131837 bytes) Nathan Short, Terry Daniels, Dustin Eckman

                        Feature 1: Jeff Van Arsdale, Ron Seeley, Louie DeDionisio, Bill Dunn, Terry Daniels, Pete Alspaugh, Dustin Eckman, Cliff Lamphere, Greg Johnson, Alden Ohlsson



     Heat 1: EM  1 Randy Parmenter.jpg (117127 bytes) Randy Parmenter, Dave Hess Jr., Dale Applebee

      Heat 2: EM 2 Bill Thomas.jpg (117924 bytes) Bill Thomas, Matt Swanson, Kevin Decker

      Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Bill Thomas, Mike Hess, Tim Rater, Al Cressley, Randy Parmenter, Justin Carlson, Kevin Decker, Matt Swanson, Shane Applebee


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: BS 1 Joe Buccola Jr..jpg (129809 bytes) Joe Buccola Jr., Don McGuire, Pat McGuire

      Heat 2: BS 2 Chad Carlson.jpg (126050 bytes) Chad Carlson, Hank Francis, Chris Kuschel

      Feature: Don McGuire, Randy Parmenter, Pat McGuire, Dave Cummings, Hank Francis, Aaron Robinson Chad Carlson, Jim Leonard, Chris Kuschel, Mike Corrigan


   Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: LL 1 Troy Dorman.jpg (118018 bytes) Troy Dorman, Tom Hagberg, John Kline

      Heat 2: LL 2 Bob Vogt.jpg (121315 bytes) Bob Vogt, Steve Moynihan, Pat McGuire

      Feature: Andy Knight, Bob Vogt, Tom Schnars, Bobby Rohrer, Les Lyon, John Cline, Tom Hagberg, Mike Moore, Joe Weber, Paul Briggs


  American Racer Dash: ARD Rod Maloy.jpg (119222 bytes) Rod Maloy, Dan Armbruster, Scott Gurdak


   Super Late Models:

      Heat 1: SL 1 Dan Armbruster.jpg (117335 bytes) Dan Armbruster, Chris Hackett, George LaBarbera, Dan Maxim, Brad Fiesler

      Heat 2: SL 2 Rod Maloy.jpg (118129 bytes) Rod Maloy, Scott Johnson, Doug Eck, Ward Schell, Wally Fox

      Heat 3: SL 3 Scott Gurdak.jpg (117023 bytes) Scott Gurdak, Rich Gardner, Bryan Emory, Dave Shagla, Dave Hess Jr.

      Feature: Dan Armbruster, Doug Eck, Dave Hess, Bryan Emory, Scott Gurdak, Rod Maloy, Chris Hackett, Al Crocker, Rich Gardner, George LaBarbera, John Lacki, Wally Fox, Ward Schell, Steve Halpainy, Dave Shagla, Brad Fiesler, Bump Hedman, Keith Zimmerman, Chad Valone, Chris Valone, Chris Blose, Dick Litz, Jason Morell, Dan Maxim, Andy Boozel, Scot Johnson, Dusty Franklin


  Patriots Sprint Group:

      Heat 1: Dan Bennett, Tom Taber, Tim Barnhard, Bill Coffey, Gordy Button

      Heat 2: Bill Bailey, Keith Dempster, Tim Zimbardi, Kyle Moffit, Kyle Drum

      Heat 3: Mark Schultz, Kyle Moffit, Dan Adamczyk, Dan Demming, Pete Ucci

      A-Main: Tom Taber, Billy Kroll, Tim Bernard, Gordy Button, Keith Dempster, Bill Coffey, Ray Preston, Chris Muhleisen, Phil Mott, Tim Zimbardi