P9201196.JPG (469973 bytes)Sept. 20th, 2003 - Bobby Rohrer Wins Limited Late Model Feature
sponsored by Seamens Auto Wrecking
 at Stateline Speedway
by Glenn Slocum

 Busti NY: Seamens Auto Wrecking sponsored the regular season ending events at Stateline Speedway. The Super Late Models had completed their point race last weekend and were not part of the evenings events. All races were awarded double points and the first to take the checkers was Chris Couchenour who won his first of the season in the first Spectator feature. Gerry Bruce won the second Spectator event in his first appearance at Stateline with Ron Fish getting the top points award because Bruce was not running the correct tire. Nathan Short won his fourth feature win of the season with Ron Seeley finishing third to win the point title in the Outlaw Cadet division. Pat McGuire won his sixth feature in the Budweiser Super Sportsman event. Justin Carlson won the E-Mod event after Al Cressley broke. Bobby Rohrer won his second Limited Late Model event but Pat McGuire won the point title. 

            P9201183.JPG (459625 bytes)Bill Van Volkenburg led the first lap of the first Spectator event then gave way to Joe McMurdy on lap two with Nate Lester third and Mike Zemcik fourth. An incident involving Pat Passanise, Tommy Fox and David McClanahan ended with McClanahan up against the turn three fence bringing out the yellow. Van Volkenburg went high on the restart losing several positions then the yellow flew for Ray Finch and Dana Wellington. Chris Couchenour was second on the restart with Lester third. Couchenour took the point on lap eight leading McMurdy to the line by five car lengths for his first feature win of the season.

             P9201186.JPG (445868 bytes)Mort John was ahead by several car lengths in the second Spectator feature when the yellow flew on lap three for Louis Kinney. Walt Johnson was second with Dave Surrena in third. Johnson lost several spots on the restart allowing Wade Watson into the second spot and Justin Tatlow to third. Johnson, Ken Bush and Dan Surrena brought out the yellow again with four laps complete. John spun coming out of two on the restart allowing Watson the top spot. Watson spun on lap seven giving the lead to Gerry Bruce. Bruce won the event with Ron Fish second and Ken Bush third. Fish was awarded the first place points because Bruce was not running the correct tire.

             P9201192.JPG (458295 bytes)Dustin Eckman took control on lap one of the Outlaw Cadet event then separate spins by Scott Lewis, Jim Bergman and David Mars brought out the caution with two laps in the books. Vern Sheldon, Pete Alspaugh, Mike Moon and Jeff Campbell brought out the yellow on the restart and the lap was not counted. Nathan Short was second with Bill Dunn third, Matt Lamphere fourth and Terry Daniels fifth. Short passed Eckman on the restart. Lamphere tangled with Jeff Van Arsdale on lap three then spun into the infield for the third yellow. Greg Johnson was third on the next restart but after just one more lap Sheldon, Mars, Alex Feisler, Dunn, Chuck Parker and Campbell spun in turn three. Johnson was second on the restart and Van Arsdale took third on the drop of the green sending early leader Eckman back to fourth. Point leader Ron Seeley moved by Eckman on lap seven as Short and Johnson were out in front by several car lengths. Van Arsdale slipped up the speedway on lap twelve giving Seeley the third spot and  Phil Knight moved by for fourth. Short went on to win the event with Johnson second and Seeley who clinched the point title by finishing in the number three spot.

             All but Randy Parmenter and Joe Buccola made it around for the first lap of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. The lap was not counted. Aaron Robinson and Chris Kuschel were in row one with Tim Nocero and Will Wanstreet in the second row. Nocero pulled into the infield on the first lap as Robinson took the top spot followed by Kuschel and Wanstreet. Kuschel stopped near the entrance of the pits on lap five for the second yellow of the event. Pat McGuire was in third for the restart. Pat McGuire passed Robinson on the back stretch but  Mike Murray brought out the yellow five saving Robinsonís lead and sending McGuire back to second. Pete Volpe was third with Joe Buccola fourth. McGuire beat Robinson down the back stretch again to lead with six down. Volpe passed Robinson with three to go. Parmenter took the fourth spot on the white flag lap. McGuire won by several car lengths with Volpe second and Robinson third.

             P9201193.JPG (464547 bytes)Randy Parmenter brought out the E-Mods for their double points event. Al Cressley took the lead on lap one then Kevin Decker brought out the first yellow on lap two. Parmenter was second with Jim Irwin third and Bill Thomas fourth. Thomas moved to third on the restart then took second as Parmenter nearly spun in turn four. Dale Applebee was third followed by Justin Carlson and Quincy Turner on the restart and Chad Silleman, Joe Harvey, Shane Bambarger and Jason Illig tangled one lap later for the second yellow. Cressley broke on the restart collecting Decker and giving Dale Applebee the number one spot. Carlson led lap eleven by a bumper then had a three car length lead one lap later. Carlson won the event with Applebee second and Turner third. 

            P9201195.JPG (472779 bytes)Ed Simmer followed Andy Sweetland across the line on the first lap of the Limited Late Model event. Simmer faded then had trouble two laps later bringing out the first caution. Bobby Rohrer was second with Troy Dorman third and John Pencile fourth. Sweetland stumbled on the restart allowing Rohrer and Pencile by in turn two. Pat McGuire set Sweetland back another spot on lap seven. Rohrer had a five-car length lead over Pencile at the half way mark and began to encounter lap traffic. Pencile and McGuire close temporarily on lap twelve but a clear speedway allowed Rohrer to rebuild his lead. McGuire took second with four to go and started to try to catch Rohrer. McGuire had closed to within three car lengths but ran out of laps and Rohrer won his second feature of the year. McGuire was the point Champion with Rohrer in the runners up position.



      Heat 1: P9201129.JPG (459051 bytes)Justin Krieder, Mort John, Walt Johnson

      Heat 2: P9201139.JPG (462577 bytes)Mike Zemcik, David McClanahan, Merle Burlingham

      Heat 3: P9201156.JPG (457977 bytes)Tommy Fox, Bill Van Volkenburg, Chris Couchenour

      Feature 1: Chris Couchenour, Joe McMurdy, Nate Lester, J. R. Brown, Kevin Brumett, Brian Crandall, Steve Keith, Barrett Brown, Tommy Fox, Dave Auge

      Feature 2: Gerry Bruce, Ron Fish, Ken Bush, Wade Watson, Bob Kinne, J.R. Surrena, Mort John, Dan Surrena, Louis Kinney, Brian Wagner


  Outlaw Cadets

      Heat 1: P9201165.JPG (456523 bytes)Mike Knight, Jeff Van Arsdale, John Cline

      Heat 2: P9201175.JPG (465213 bytes)Vern Sheldon, Jim Bergman, Rick Loomis

      Heat 3: P9201176.JPG (457055 bytes)Nathan Short, Phil Knight, Dustin Eckman

      Feature 1: Nathan Short, Greg Johnson, Ron Seeley, Phil Knight, Jeff Van Arsdale, Dustin Eckman, Terry Daniels, Louis DeDionisio, Brian Zimmerly, Matt Lamphere


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: P9201177.JPG (470689 bytes)Robert Nocero, Aaron Robinson, Hank Francis

      Heat 2: Randy Parmenter, Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer

      Feature: Pat McGuire, Pete Volpe, Aaron Robinson, Randy Parmenter, Joe Buccola, Mike Kosinski, Bob Van Arsdale, Don McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Will Wanstreet



     Heat 1: P9201178.JPG (438811 bytes)Dale Applebee, Mike Boyd, Randy Parmenter

      Heat 2: P9201179.JPG (438335 bytes)Al Cressley, Justin Carlson, Quincy Turner

      Feature: Justin Carlson, Dale Applebee, Quincy Turner, Bill Thomas, Shane Applebee, Mike Boyd, Gerry Kielar, Shane Bambarger, Jim Irwin, Joe Harvey

    Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: P9201180.JPG (453998 bytes)Randy Lobb, John Pencile, Andy Sweetland

      Heat 2: P9201181.JPG (458477 bytes)Andy Knight, Tom Hagberg, Chad Ramsey

      Feature: Bobby Rohrer, Pat McGuire, John Pencile, Andy Sweetland, Mike Moore, Tom Schnars, Andy Knight, Les Lyon, Steve Moynihan, Troy Dorman, Mike Coyle, Tom Hagberg, Randy Lobb, Brian Fardink, Wayne Black, Ed Simmer, Chad Ramsey