P9261514.JPG (462189 bytes)Sept 26th,2003 - Dave Lyon Wins Fall Classic Super Late Model King of the Hill and
Wade Slaney Wins the Enduro
 at Stateline Speedway

by Glenn Slocum

Busti NY: Fall weather ushered in the first events of the Fall Classic. A rain shower passed through during the Spectator heats. Sixty cars were on hand for the fifty lap $500 to win Enduro. Wade Slaney took advantage of a late race spin by Greg Johnson to win the Enduro. Slaney has won all four of the Enduro events and is the odds on favorite for the October 5th Iron man/Woman Enduro. Dave Lyon won the first round in the King of the Hill for the Super Late Models then remained undefeated beating Dick Barton in the finale to win the title.  

            P9261460.JPG (458248 bytes)Bill Baker Jr. led the first lap of the Enduro. Kelley Frederes became the new leader on lap three. Frederes was still the leader during a red flag with five laps complete. The race was stopped again on lap fifteen with Andy Sweetland in the third spot and Greg Johnson in the number one spot placing Frederes second. Frederes regained the top spot with thirty laps remaining. Two laps later Johnson passed Frederes in heavy traffic. The red flag appeared again with thirty-three laps complete. Johnson was still in the first position with Mike Kosinski in the second spot. Johnson led Wade Slaney by twenty car lengths with five laps remaining. Johnson got caught in spin with three laps remaining allowing Slaney by. Slaney led the remaining laps winning his fourth Enduro in a row.

             Lyon pulled a slide job on John Lobb in the first of their three laps to win the first round of the Super Late Model King of the Hill. Dave Norton was a no show for the second round giving the win to Scott Gurdak. Round three was Dick Barton and Moose Dunnewold with Barton getting the lead at the start beating Dunnewold by several car lengths at the end. Al Crocker won round four as Ward Schell lost the handle trying to get under Crocker in the final corner. Rich Gardner beat Bruce Hordusky by five car lengths in round five. Scott Johnson pulled into the pits on the first lap of round six giving the win to Wally Fox. Chad Ruhlman and Jason Morell were pitted against each other in round seven with Ruhlman coming out on top. Rod Maloy won against George LaBarbera. Dave Hess Jr. jumped the cushion on the first lap of his race with Ted Kosinski and then could not catch Kosinski. Norton was given a reprieve and allowed to rerun Gurdak. Gurdak prevailed leaving Gurdak the winner of round two. Doug Eck did not make the final round giving the win to Randy Lobb.  

P9261495.JPG (159362 bytes)After a redraw in the infield Crocker and Barton started the second set of match races. Crocker and Barton ran side by side during lap one then Crocker fell behind Barton finishing a car length short. Rich Gardner and Wally Fox were the second set to run with Gardner the winner. Gurdak and Lyon were up next and Gurdak went high in turn one on the first lap and was then unable to catch Lyon. Maloy beat Ruhlman in the next round leaving Lobb and Kosinski in the final race of the second set. Lobb led P9261501.JPG (162817 bytes)into one then Kosinski made his move on the backstretch to take the lead and the win.           

Five cars remained for the final set of races with Barton and Gardner the first out. Barton had a bumper lead on lap one and car length at lap two then Gardner caught Barton but could not make the pass on the final lap. Lyon and Maloy were next with Lyon ahead by a nose on lap one then Maloy P9261506.JPG (71485 bytes)jumped the cushion on lap two allowing Lyon to the win. Barton was then pitted against Kosinski. Barton beat Kosinski by three car lengths and only Barton and Lyon remained undefeated. Lyon was on the outside for the start of the P9261513.JPG (180490 bytes)finale and beat Barton on lap one after Barton got a little high in turn three. Barton could not catch Lyon in the next two laps giving the King of the Hill crown and $1,000 to Lyon.



      Heat 1: P9261423.JPG (137401 bytes)Rush Firestone, Merle Burlingham, John Kelsey

      Heat 2: P9261425.JPG (467161 bytes)Pat Passanise, Chris Couchenour, Joe McMurdy

      Heat 3: P9261430.JPG (457482 bytes)Kevin Brumett, David Auge, Steve Keith 

 Four Cylinders:

      Heat: Dan Osborne, Tom Bean, Mel Bennett Jr. 

  Enduro: Wade Slaney, Glenn Slaney, Scott Doud, Dale Kinney, Mike Kosinski, Gary Bair, Chris Withers, Eric McCray, Andy Sweetland, Ron Pace

   Super Late Model King of the Hill:

      Round 1: David Lyon, John Lobb
Round 2: Scott Gurdak, Dave Norton
Round 3: Dick Barton, Moose Dunnewold
      Round 4: Al Crocker, Ward Schell
      Round 5: Rich Gardner, Bruce Hordusky
      Round 6: Wally Fox, Scott Johnson
      Round 7: Chad Ruhlman, Jason Morell
      Round 8: Rod Maloy, George LaBarbera
      Round 9: Randy Lobb, Scott Gurdak
      Round 10:
Dick Barton, Al Crocker
      Round 11: Rich Gardner, Wally Fox
      Round 12: Dave Lyon, Scott Gurdak
      Round 13: Rod Maloy, Chad Ruhlman
      Round 14: Ted Kosinski, Randy Lobb
      Round 15: Dick Barton, Rich Gardner
      Round 16: Dave Lyon, Rod Maloy
      Round 17: Dick Barton, Ted Kosinski
      Round 18: Dave Lyon, Dick Barton