Stateline 2002


 10/5/2002 -
Andy Sweetland Wins the
Midtown Motors “Iron Man/Woman” Enduro at Stateline

9/21/2002 - Mike Kosinski wins Super Sportsman Championship Race on Coyote Performance Products and Brad Penn Oil
 “Fun Night”

9/14/2002 - Dan Armbruster Wins Pepsi “60”  and Championship Title at Stateline Speedway

9/7/2002 - Rod Maloy Wins 
American Racer “Run What Ya’ Brung” 45

8/31/2002 - Dan Armbruster Wins Craiger Race Engines
 Super Late Championship

8/24/2002 - Bobby Rohrer Kwik Fill/Red Apple 
Limited Late Model King,
Hackett Wins Super Late Model Event

8/17/2002 - Chad Ruhlman Wins on Busch Beer Night at Stateline Speedway

8/10/2002 - Armbruster Wins Number 7 at Stateline on Onyx Waste Services Night  

8/3/2002 -  Gary Eicher Wins Corry Lumber and True Value Insulation Outlaw Cadet King of the Hill Armbruster Wins Sixth Late Model Feature

7/27/2002 - Rain Cancels the Coyote Performance Brad Penn Budweiser Super Sportsman Championship at Stateline

7/20/2002 - Kevin Decker Wins Mike Hendrickson Motor Sports
E-Mod Championship at Stateline

7/13/2002 - Tim Kelly Wins K.C. Auto Glass ESS A-Main and Randy Lobb Wins the Super Late Event

7/6/2002 - Al Cressley Wins the Bear Lake Inn “King of Stateline”
And Dan Armbruster is Super Late Winner at Stateline

7/4/2002 - Chub Frank Wins the Renegade DirtCars
“Stars and Stripes 50” at Stateline
6/29/2002 -  Randy Lobb Wins Bud Challenge

6/22/2002 -
Dan Armbruster Wins the Tony White Memorial on Sysco Food Kid’s

6/15/2002 -
  Rain Delays the Tobber Race Cars – Schuyler’s Service – Upton Contracting Tony White Super Late Model Championship 

6/8/2002 - Chad Ruhlman the big winner at Stateline

6/1/2002 - Jeff Campbell Wins Warren Midtown Motors Outlaw Cadet Championship
Maloy Wins SLM Race at Stateline
5/25/2002 - Lance Yonge Wins Bob North Auto Crushers ESS Event
 Armbruster Wins Super Late Model Feature 
5/18/2002 - Joe Heslop and Bill Baker Jr. Win House of Television Spectator Championship Races
Chupp Makes It Two in Row in the Super Lates

5/11/2002-Randall Chupp Dodges the Rain and Wins

5/4/2002 - Pat McGuire WinsNorth West Penn Auction Limited Late Model Championship

4/27/2002 - Rain Shortens the C. Cummings & Sons Event

4/20/2002 - Rod Maloy Wins WW IV at Stateline