Speedway is a motorcycle sport that involves usually involves between four and six drivers who race on a circular track made up of dirt, with the interesting thing about the sport is that the drivers have to use only one gear and do not have any brakes so they have to drift and skid their way around the track without crashing. This is what makes speedway such an exciting and unpredictable sport which is why speedway betting is so popular.

Betting on Speedway

Bet on speedway you can bet on pretty much whatever and whoever you want from the more basic once like who you think is going to win the race and finish in the first place, to who you think is going to finish in the last place to even who is going to crash.

As you can see the possibilities on the things you can bet on are endless and so are the possibilities of you winning a large amount of money.


A market also known as a betting market is a type of category of a bet where you set certain rules of that need to be followed and met for the person who has put the bet to win their big cash prize. Below we will explain to you what these two betting markets mean and how they work in regards to betting.

Winner Outrights

Winner outrights also known as outrights bets are much riskier bets that carry much bigger rewards, the way it works is that rather than betting on the outcome of one speedway race, you will bet on the outcome of the entire competition. These type of bets are most of the time place before the competition starts however it is possible to place them during the competition usually at the half-way point.

Handicap Bets

Handicap bets are bets used usually when the outcome of a race is pretty much certain due to some riders being much better than the other ones. So to make the bet much more appealing to gamble for and also so it can offer bigger more enticing rewards so they will so call ‘handicap’ the strongest contestant.

So, for example, Rider 1 is the clear favourite in winning, so the bookmakers can make things a lot more interesting by allowing people to bet not just on Rider 1 beating Rider 2 in the race but Rider 1 being 10 seconds faster than Rider 2.

  • If Rider 1 ends up winning the race but not by more than 10 seconds against Rider 2 than the bet gets refunded to the bet maker.
  • If Rider 1 beats Rider 2 by more than 10 seconds as agreed in the Handicap Bet than the bet maker will win a much bigger cash prize.
  • If Rider 2 beats Rider 1, the bet maker will lose a much bigger sum to the house. However, the likeliness of losing is still lower for the bet maker.

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About Speedway

Speedway racing is very popular in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and also Bulgaria. There are small variations to the sport in some of the countries for example, in Australia and New Zealand instead of dirt on the track they use finely crushed rocks.

The sport has grown so much in the last couple of years that there is now even a Speedway World Cup which is now called the Speedway of Nations where teams from different countries competing in different rounds and stages to be the ultimate winners. This rise of new bigger more exciting competitions has also seen the rise of Speedway Betting.