No fee – Primitive only – no hook ups are available

Campers permitted to move in on Friday, must be removed by noon Monday

Campers must be ‘in line’ with fire lane between rows

Rear of vehicles backed to the west (woods line)

A minimum of 10’ between campers – with awnings extended – on all sides

Restrooms are available- lights on for your convenience

Campfires are limited –CLEAN UP YOUR DEBRIS Do not leave smoldering fire

Plenty of free firewood available

REMOVE ALL GARBAGE –Do not leave it bagged on the ground

4 wheelers must be licensed 5 mph limit No 2 wheel motorized vehicles permitted

NO 4 wheelers after dark (with exception to drivers from pits)

NO music after midnight.

PLEASE – respect the property, your neighbors, and mine. Use common sense.

Ashley & family are in charge. Follow their instructions.

Any questions – you can call Jenifer

Failure to adhere to the requests will result in removal from the facility
Busti Police Department will be called

Minor adjustments will be made and announced for June 30th fireworks and July
20-25 for the Lucas Oil Show.