Stateline Speedway
  Saturdays May thru Sept.  Gates Open 5:30 pm. Racing at 7:00 pm.
4150 Kortwright Road, Busti NY      814-688-4550

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Saturday June 1st 2013


ROLL CAGE Min. tubing thickness is .095". Min. outside diameter 1.5". Must be 4 post design with rear upright loop supported with tubing running down to the rear of the car. Top hoop must have one crossbar preferably running from right rear to left front. No crossbar above drivers head. All support bars forward of roll cage must be lower than stock hood height. Door bars must be .083" min. thickness. Three bars minimum, four suggested. Door bars must be welded to roll cage – front & rear and be parallel to frame. SAFETY EQUIPMENT Snell approved full face helmets required. Window net & roll cage padding recommended. BATTERY must be mounted securely KILL SWITCH required. BRAKES must operate on all 4 wheels. Calipers must be OEM steel. EXHAUST SYSTEM Headers may dump outside of engine or rear of engine & must not point directly to ground. Mufflers must be run & securely attached. FUEL CELL 32 gallon max. capacity, enclosed in a steel enclosure & protected in rear by roll cage tubing. Cell may not be lower than protective tubing. Top feed fuel cell is mandatory. FUEL Racing gasoline or methanol–no nitrous oxide or additives. WEIGHT No weights added in driver compartment or outside of body. Weight must be painted white & have car number on it. Weight must be fastened with 2 ½" bolts minimum. Weight may not be attached to rear bumper. FRAMES OEM production full 1960 or newer parallel American passenger car frames only. Frame may be cut not further forward than 36" from center of rear end housing. Frame must be full & complete on both sides & not narrowed or widened. Frame must be able to support roll cage. FRONT SUSPENSION Must be OEM & in stock location. No aluminum. Stock passenger car spindles only. No tubular or fabricated spindles. Bottom A-frames may not be altered or moved. Tubular type upper A-frames permitted & can be moved but not cut or altered. Ball joints must be OEM type. Coil springs min 4.5" diameter only & must be mounted in stock position. No coil-overs. Coil-over eliminators permitted. STEERING Must be OEM type. Front steer type frames must have steering box mounted on left frame rail ahead of front cross-member. Rear steer frames must have steering box mounted behind cross-member on left frame rail. Power steering with a steering quickener permitted. No rack & pinion steering. Stock type OEM steering boxes only. Steering wheel must be removable. WHEELBASE min 108"-max 112"SHOCKS Steel only. One shock per wheel & no hydraulic, ratchet or electric weight jacks. No externally adjustable shocks. REAR END Any passenger car or truck rear end permitted. Rear end must be locked, must be minispool or welded spiders only. Quick change allowed with steel tubes & must be 5x5 bolt pattern. REAR SUSPENSION May be coil spring min 4.5" diameter or steel leaf springs. Coil spring can be mounted over shock. Lowering blocks, aluminum or steel, permitted with leaf springs. No aluminum birdcages, brake floaters, trailing arms or trailing arm mounts permitted. Panhard bar & bracket must be steel. DRIVESHAFT must be steel & have a protection loop. TRANSMISSION Must have forward & reverse gears & be able to shift to forward & reverse with engine running. Bert & Brinn transmissions permitted. (no direct drives) stock clutch type transmissions must have scattershield or blow proof bell housing. Automatics must be stock OEM casings & bell housings. ENGINES Must be able to be used in conventional passenger car without alteration. No machine work on outside of engine. No dry sump oil systems. Racing type wet sump oil pans permitted. One 4 barrel carburetor naturally aspirated. No fuel injection, electric fuel pumps, or magnetos. Rear of engine must be at least 72" forward from the center line or rear axle no more than 2" engine offset. Min height 11" from center of crank to ground. No alum. blocks. RADIATORS May be alum. or steel & must fit under hood line & located in front of engine fan BODIES Must resemble American compact passenger cars only. Must have front & rear windows open, steel screen and/or bard are mandatory in front of driver. Original roof line should be maintained with a max 1" drop rear to front. No wings. 4" spoiler allowed. Body must have a min of 4" ground clearance. Engine compartment will remain open with no side panels. Hood sides may have a max of 4" drop & be enclosed at rear of hood. Side windows must have a min vertical opening of 12" front to back. Nose piece no lower or wider than frame horns & no further back than radiator. Firewalls & floor boards mandatory. Hand made body parts may be constructed of steel, alum. or fiberglass, but should be recognizable as a factory production vehicle. SEAT & BELTS Must be alum. racing seat with racing manufactured five point belt harness FRONT BUMPER must be mounted to end of frame with bottom loop parallel to ground. Min 1.5" tubing must be used. REAR BUMPER may be tubing or square stock & must protect fuel cell. Center of bumpers must be at least 18" from ground. No sharp edges. NERF BARS must be inside of line from rear tire to front tire with no sharp edges GAUGES Oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, fuel pressure, brake bias pressure, volt/amp gauge & tach gauges only. No digital dash or other electronic controls permitted. WHEELS any 8" steel production racing wheel may be used. Beadlock wheels may be used. TIRES Bead locks may be used. American Racer / Hoosier compounds only. Race recievers and transponders mandatory.