Stateline Speedway
  Saturdays May thru Sept.  Gates Open 5:30 pm. Racing at 7:00 pm.
4150 Kortwright Road, Busti NY      814-688-4550

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Saturday June 1st 2013

June 15th, 2013 - Chris Withers collects extra cash in
Street Stock Special presented by the Morgan Family!
Barton collects 76th Super Late Model Win!
By Jay Pees

Busti, NY : The Street Stocks were the featured class Saturday night and the 20-lap run for extra money was a caution-filled race with Jason Covey leading the first portion of the event losing the lead to reigning champion Chris Withers one lap prior to half-way. After gaining the lead, Withers was never seriously challenged and went on to the win over Covey, Gary Fisher, Brent Crandall, and Mark Thompson.

The E-Mods were led from the start by pole-sitter John Woodward, looking for his first win of the season but at the halfway point it was Percy McDonald leading the way in his first appearance of the season. For McDonald it was his first win of 2013 over Woodward, Justin Carlson, Chad Carlson, and Cale Crocker.

Ryan Scott led the Limited Late Models from the outside front row through lap one with caution appearing on lap two for a minor spin. A lap later caution was again in the air as Dustin Eckman looped his mount in turn two and was collected by Mike Lozowski. At halfway Scott led pole-sitter Tyler Green, who had taken second from Jake Finnerty at lap nine after a restart and last week’s winner Steve Kania. Thirteen laps in and it was Finnerty back to second and challenging for the lead with four laps to go.  At the white flag Finnerty was pulling alongside the leader but was unable to advance any further. The order at the finish was Scott, Finnerty, Green, Kania, and Steve Moynihan.

Darrell Bossard and Scott Gurdak brought the Super Late Models to the green with Gurdak gaining the immediate advantage over Bossard but the race falling under caution on lap two when Doug Eck spun in turn one. Former champion Chad Valone came to second at the end of laps Dick Barton, the winningest active driver, pulled into third on lap six and to second a lap later. Gurdak’s half-straight advantage disappeared on lap eight when Wally Fox spun in turn two. By the time the next yellow appeared Barton was starting to pull alongside. After green Barton began pushing up in the turns and fell to fourth by lap 11 but came roaring back a lap later and again was looking for the lead at lap fourteen then leading on fifteen. Yellow flew again at lap seventeen for debris. After green, Barton extended his lead over the rest of the race and scored his 76th feature win at Stateline Speedway, just three short of the record 79 by Bobby Schnars. Gurdak followed Barton to the line with Chris Hackett third, Chad Valone fourth, and Doug Eck fifth.

Bob Dorman and Damien Bidwell led the Crate Late Model field to the green with Dorman the leader at the end of one. Six laps in saw Dorman side by side at the line but Dorman pulled back ahead a lap later. Coming out of two Dorman, the leader, looped his mount, leaving Bidwell in the lead and fifth-starting Scott Gurdak second. Eleven laps in and the race’s biggest wreck occurred when Paul Himes, Kevin Hill, Skip Jackson, and Luke Carlton got together in turn one. Brian Haggerty spun to avoid entanglement. After green Jim Frank, a winner earlier in the season, and Gurdak ran side by side until the next caution, at lap 13. After green, Gurdak went back to second. Bidwell went on to his second win in a row at Stateline over Gurdak, Frank, Ryan Scott, and Matt Harvey.

Casey Burch started from the outside of the front row and immediately assumed the lead in the Challenger feature. After a restart at lap six Chad Bender was alongside the leader at the completion of seven and the leader after eight. The 2013 champion slipped high in turn four coming to the white flag, allowing Burch to nose ahead with one remaining but came back by on the back stretch for the win. Following Bender to the line were Burch, Travis Darling, Aaron Liberati, and Kevin Covell.

Defending champion Dan Nocero Jr started the Sportsman feature from the pole and never looked back on his romp to the win. Mike Kosinski followed Nocero throughout the event but was unable to mount a run for the win. Jim Kibbe, Ron Burgun, and Brent Crandall followed him to the checkers in the caution-free race. 

 Super Late Model

Heat 1: Chris Hackett Jamestown NY, Jeff Hoffman Clarendon PA, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Doug Eck Corry PA


Heat 2: Dick Barton Ashville NY, Chad Valone Jamestown NY, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Dutch Davies Warren PA


Feature: Dick Barton, Scott Gurdak, Chris Hackett, Chad Valone, Doug Eck, Bump Hedman, Darrell Bossard, Andy Boozel, Rich Gardner, Pete Alspaugh


Heat 1: John Woodward Jr. Franklinville NY, Shane Crotty Corry PA, John Boyd Waterford PA, Steve Rex Youngsville PA, Josh John


Heat 2: Chad Carlson Lakewood NY, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Nathan Hill East Otto NY, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA, Alex Froman


Feature: Nathan Hill East Otto NY, John Woodward Jr. Franklinville NY, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Chad Carlson Lakewood NY, Cale Crocker Pittsfield PA, Alex Froman, John Boyd Waterford PA, Leonard Enos Russell PA, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA, Josh John

Limited Late Models

Heat 1: Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, John Cline Jr. Kennedy NY, Ryan Scott Garland PA, Dustin Eckman Erie PA, Chad Schauers Frewsburg NY


Heat 2: Steve Kania Waterford PA, Jake Finnerty Panama NY, Tyler Green Corry PA, Mike Moore Russell PA, Wade Watson


Feature: Ryan Scott, Jake Finnerty, Tyler Green, Steve Kania, Steve Moynihan, John Cline Jr, Bill Reeves, Mike Moore, Troy Dorman, Wade Watson

Super Sportsman

Heat 1: Michael Kosinski Ashville NY, Brent Crandall North East PA, Jim Kibbe Clymer NY, Mike Murray Erie PA, Alan Yarbrough Jamestown NY


Heat 2: Dan Nocero Jr. Jamestown NY, Ron Burgun Brocton NY, Don McGuire Harborcreek PA, Matt Kosinski Lakewood NY, Tom Kosinski Lakewood NY


Feature: Dan Nocero Jr, Michael Kosinski, Jim Kibbe, Brent Crandall, Don McGuire, Mike Murray, Clint Haskins, Matt Kosinski, Tom Kosinski

Street Stock

Heat 1: Chris Withers Waterford PA, Chris Couchenour Asheville NY, Brian Crandall Stockton NY, Jeremy Williams Pittsfield PA, Brandon Groters Clymer NY


Heat 2: Jason Covey Clymer NY, Ken Lamp Erie PA, Joe Rohrer, Todd Bacon Lakewood NY, Guy Adams Ashville NY


Heat 3: Paul Nelson Ashville NY, Eric Harvey Jamestown NY, Richard Wojtowicz Limestone NY, John Britt Dunkirk NY, Jerry Fish Falconer NY


Feature: Chris Withers, Jason Covey, Chris Couchenour, Brian Crandall, Mark Thompson, Ken Lamp, Richard Wojtowicz, Todd Bacon, Kyle Reinwald, Elaine Best

Super Challenger

Heat 1: Casey Burch Kennedy NY, Chad Bender Stockton NY, Kevin Covell Sugar Grove PA, Aaron Liberati Jamestown NY, Thomas Cupp


Heat 2: Kenneth Hultin Panama NY, Travis Darling Jamestown NY, Tim Fisher Ripley NY, Coty Schauers Frewsburg NY , Mike Rotunda Ripley NY


Feature: Chad Bender, Casey Burch, Travis Darling, Aaron Liberati, Kevin Covell, John Kent, Coty Schauers, Thomas Cupp, Mike Rotunda, Preston Matve

Crate Late Model

Heat 1: Bob Dorman Stockton NY, Dereck Frank Jamestown NY, Joe Buccola Falconer NY, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Dave Shagla Jr. Sugar Grove PA

Heat 2: Damian Bidwell Eldred PA, Luke Carleton Port Colborne ON, Ryan Scott Garland PA, Matt Harvey Jamestown NY, Mark Tatalovic Guysville PA


Feature: Damien Bidwell, Scott Gurdak, Jim Frank, Ryan Scott, Matt Harvey, Bobby Rohrer, Bob Dorman, Jason Genco, Dave Shagla Jr, Brian Haggerty