"Open Track Night" Wednesday!
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August 5, 2014  |  by jAY pEES

Busti, NY (August 5, 2014) Stateline Speedway will hold an "Open Track Night" Wednesday night August 6 with the track open for practice for ALL racing vehicles, especially paved track cars that might wish to try out the clay at Stateline. Dirt track racers and paved track racers are different in setups but the basic idea is to complete the appointed distance in the least amount of time. The only major difference in the cars is tires. Stateline has contacted several teams to supply tires for the paved track teams at a reasonable price. With the correct tires on the cars, pave track teams will be able to experiment with setups and should be able to run competitive times.
Of course, driving styles also vary from paved tracks to dirt but the best drivers show proficiency at both disciplines. A period of adjustment is expected and things could get 'interesting' when drivers new to dirt start to run faster and faster.
This event is a "demonstration" event and the track will not be running any official races. If enough cars of any class participate, some heat racing may be staged.
Pit gates will open at 5PM, Grandstand at 6PM. "Hot laps" will commence at 6:30 PM.
Pit concessions and concessions on the "Pennsylvania" side of the track will be open with refreshments for teams and fans.
Pit Admission: $20
Fan Admission: $5 (5 and under FREE)

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