Stateline Speedway
  Saturdays May thru Sept.  Gates Open 5:30 pm. Racing at 7:00 pm.
4150 Kortwright Road, Busti NY      814-688-4550

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Saturday June 1st 2013


Raceivers and Transponders Mandatory

COMPETING MODELS Any 1990-2013 American made passenger car. No jeeps, pickups or convertibles. No T tops or sunroofs.

BODIES All cars must have a complete body. Fiberglass or aluminum bodies permitted. Mirrors are permitted. Front and rear bumpers must be painted a light color. Either ASA or present style okay. All windows must be made of transparent material. Driverís side window net is mandatory.

BRAKES Four wheel brakes must be in good working condition

ELECTRICAL Any single battery ignition system. Self-starter must be in good working order. Batteries are not allowed in driverís compartment.

ENGINE Must be in manufacturer line as make of car and 3" engine off-set is allowed. Engine no further back than #1 spark plug and 8" behind upper ball joint. No tolerance. V-6 engines must be placed so that rear of engine is located in same place that a V-8 would be. Non GM, 6" setback. Aluminum blocks are permitted.

COOLING SYSTEM No extra cooling systems allowed in drivers compartment

CARBURETOR 2 four-barrel carbs permitted. Turbos allowed in V-6 engines

FUEL AND FUEL CELL Gas or alcohol only as fuel. Fuel cells mandatory. Roll-over valve mandatory. Fuel cell must be enclosed in metal container and mounted securely in truck. To be eligible for point fund, fuel must be purchased at the track.

EXHAUST AND REAR END Exhaust must be directed safely away from the driver and must extend to the outside of car and not straight to the ground. Any type rear end permitted.

SEAT AND SEAT BELT Racing seat must be extended from roll cage. Head and neck support mandatory on driverís seat. A good five-point, quick-release racing lap and shoulder belt mandatory.

STEERING Any type steering permitted SUSPENSION Any type suspension allowed. No traction devices.

FRAME Frame material must be a minimum 8" circumference. Present wheel base manufactured racing chassis may be used in the future on various wheel base current models.

TRANSMISSION Any type transmission having both working forward and reverse gears. Safety strap or loop around driveshaft is mandatory.

IDENTIFICATION Numbers must be painted on both doors and roof. Numbers to be at least 18" high and readable on the passenger side. A 6 X 6 metal plate with the car number is to be welded to the top right side of the windshield for track officials.

SAFETY RULES Tow hooks or chains on both the front and rear of car mandatory. Car must be accessible in back for a push truck. Fire suits mandatory. Fully charged fire extinguisher accessible from both inside and outside of the car is mandatory. Good four-post roll cage with a minimum of four driverís side bars and four passenger side bars, not counting frame rails. Minimum 1 Ĺ" diameter. Roll cage must extend for protection of feet.